300 KMPH on a Superbike in Bangalore? CAUGHT! [Video]

With the rising number of superbikes on the Indian roads, the cops are going high-tech to nab the violators. In Bengaluru, the cops seized a Yamaha YZF-R1 for breaking speed limits inside the city limits. Here are the details.

The owner who goes by the social media handle BlueBeast46 was traced by the Bangalore City Police after a video of him doing 300 km/h on the city roads became viral on the Internet. The cops have now seized the bike and will take action according to the law. This bike is the Yamaha YZF-R1, which has now been discontinued due to the BS6 emission norms. Before the bike was discontinued, it carried a price tag of around Rs 20 lakhs, ex-showroom, which makes the on-road price close to Rs 25 lakhs. This bike also has a lot of aftermarket parts including an aftermarket exhaust from Akrapovic, which can also cost lakhs of rupees. In total, the cost of this bike is around Rs 30 lakhs.

Bangalore Police has not revealed the fine amount or the case registered against the rider for breaking the law. IPS Sandeep Patil tweeted that the bike has been seized after tracing the owner for putting his and other’s life at risk.

300 KMPH on a Superbike in Bangalore? CAUGHT! [Video]

This is the latest-generation Yamaha R1, which was launched in 2018. It is powered by a 998cc, four-cylinder, naturally-aspirated engine that generates a whopping 197 Bhp at 13,500 rpm and peak torque of 112.4 Nm at 11,500 rpm. It gets a six-speed transmission and a newly designed titanium exhaust system but as we have mentioned above, the bike had an aftermarket Akrapovic exhaust. The new R1 comes with a lot of weight-saving measures including all-aluminium tank and magnesium wheels that makes the latest R1 5Kg lighter compared to the predecessor.

It also gets a host of features including Quick Shifter, updated wheelie control system, Lift Control System, slide control system, launch control system, unified braking system and baking-sensitive traction control system. The Yamaha YZF-R1 gets 43mm inverted front forks and a rear monoshock from KYB. Other features include full projector headlamps with LED DRLs.

Bangalore Police are not very lenient with such offences. In the past, they have seized motorcycles with aftermarket exhaust and have destroyed the exhaust worth lakhs. We may get to see similar action with this owner along with some fines. The police are yet to officially disclose the charges that they are planning to put on the owner of the bike.

Riding on such a high speed inside city limits may seem like a lot of fun but it is extremely dangerous since the roads are not controlled. Even during the lockdown, when the traffic is sparse, riding at such high speed can make you run into gory accidents.

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