Meet the 35 year-old Mercedes Benz W123 that looks brand new [Video]

Mercedes-Benz is without any doubt the most popular luxury car manufacturing brand in the country. The brand is so popular in the market that people have easily started associating luxury with Mercedes cars. Although, there are other brands in the market, this German car manufacturer has already a place in many car lovers heart. They had a variety of models in the past and some of them are now considered as classic. Here we have a video of 1984 model Mercedes-Benz W123 sedan that has been beautifully restored from the outside.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his youtube channel. The video starts by sharing the history of this vehicle. The car was originally brought to Kerala from Mumbai some time ago and the current owner of this vehicle had bought it from a seller a couple of months ago. W123 is one of those models that first comes to our mind when we think of the brand Mercedes-Benz. The car had been very popular in its time.

The owner of this vehicle had after buying the car had it completely restored from Vintage car garage in Trivandrum, Kerala. Some of the parts like the headlamp, tail lamp, Mercedes star logo on bonnet was all imported is all original product and was imported from Saudi Arabia. The restoration work on the exterior of the car looks very neat, The owner had even gone for ant-rust coating on the floor to protect the car.

The chrome bumpers both at front and the rear are all original. Similarly, the wheel caps also get a body coloured paint job with Mercedes logo in the centre. Overall, the car looks elegant and brand new from the outside. On the inside, owner has not done any major updates as he was aiming to maintain the originality of the car.

He was looking for original products or something that will be of somewhat the same quality. On the inside, it has all modern features like power windows, power steering, aircon vents, well cushioned seats and so on. This is a 300D model which is powered by a 3.0 litre, 5 cylinder  diesel engine mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox. According to the video, owner had bought this 35 year car for around 6 lakh and had already spent 4 lakh for restoration. This shows that maintaining a classic or a vintage car is expensive and is not everyone’s cup of tea.