37 year-old Hindustan Ambassador sedan restored with Toyota diesel engine looks beautiful [Video]

hindustan ambassador with toyota diesel engine featured

The Hindustan Ambassador, an iconic car once sold in our country, is no longer in production by Hindustan Motors. However, there are still numerous well-maintained examples of this car in the country, which are now considered collectible items. Beautifully restored and modified Ambassadors can fetch good prices. We have a video showcasing a beautifully restored 37-year-old Hindustan Motors Ambassador uploaded by Dajish P on his YouTube channel.

The resto-modded Ambassador seen in the video is a 1986 model that looks great, having been modified to be more suitable for daily driving. Starting from the exterior, the owner completely stripped off the old paint and repainted it with a glossy black finish, giving the car an elegant look. The paint job looks great.

The current owner of this Ambassador has made several other exterior modifications. The steel rims have been replaced with 15-inch alloy wheels, and the stock door handles have been swapped out for Mahindra Scorpio units. The ORVMs have also been borrowed from the Alto 800 hatchback. Additionally, the front mesh grille has been blacked out, and an aftermarket fog lamp has been added. A set of projector lights are installed next to the fog lamps. The car still retains its chrome-finished bumpers, and the rear bumper is equipped with parking sensors.

37 year-old Hindustan Ambassador sedan restored with Toyota diesel engine looks beautiful [Video]
1986 model HM Ambassador

Moving inside, the car has been completely modified for comfort. The seats have been borrowed from Skoda, and the dashboard used in this vehicle is from the Maruti Zen. The power steering unit and power window setup are both from Hyundai. The roof and upholstery of the car have also been redone, giving it an elegant appearance from both the outside and inside.

As mentioned in the video’s title, the car does not use its stock engine. The original engine on this sedan has been replaced with a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine, generating 73 Ps and 132 Nm of peak torque. Other elements from other vehicles have been used in this car as well. For example, the wiper washer is from a Toyota Innova, the brake cylinder is from a Tata Sumo Grande, and the radiator fan is from a Tata Sumo. The radiator grille is a custom-made unit, and the filters installed in this car are from a Toyota Qualis. Compared to the regular Hindustan Ambassador, the new diesel engine feels more refined and less vocal. The engine is paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

As mentioned above, this is a 1986 model Hindustan Ambassador. Maintaining a 37-year-old car is a task in itself, but the owner of this sedan has managed it successfully. The condition in which the vehicle is maintained shows how passionate the owner is actually about this car. The sedan still looks neat on the outside and retains its original character. The interior of the car looks simple and elegant. We have seen many examples of modified Hindustan Ambassador sedans in the past. This one in particular looks extremely beautiful.