3M Rat Repellent coating launched for Indian cars & SUVs

Rats are a big menace to cars in most Indian cities. Each year, rats damage thousands of cars’ wiring, leading to expensive repairs. 3M, a renowned American car care products maker, has come up with a Rat Repellent Coating for Indian cars and SUVs. It’s available at all 3M outlets across India, for Rs. 1,058 per can. However, the buyer cannot buy it over the counter and has to rely on a 3M center to apply this coating on the vehicle. The major areas where the 3M Rat Repellent coating has to be applied include the car’s underbody, engine bay and wheel arches.

3M Rat Repellent coating launched for Indian cars & SUVs

However, there are a few precautions that need to be taken while applying the rodent repellent.

1. The engine bay needs to be cool before the coating is sprayed.
2. The car’s body, underbody and engine bay should not be washed for at least 24 hours after the repellent is sprayed.

What this also means is you may have to drop off your car to a 3M center for about 4-6 hours before the 3M Rat Repellent coating can be applied. 3M centers will first inspect your car for rodent damage, if any, and highlight it to you. The engine bay would then be cleaned and dried with an air blower before the 3M Rat Repellent coating is sprayed. A full coating that consists of underbody, engine bay, wiring and wheel arches is said to protect the car from rats for up to 6 months. For more details about the rat repellent spray from 3M, get in touch with your nearest 3M dealer.

There are similar sprays available in the market, which can be bought over the counter or ordered online. However, professional application is something that other rat repellant spray makers don’t offer in India yet. There are other rat-repelling devices, such as ultrasonic wave emitters and even tar brushes. However, the efficacy of all such devices including rat repellent sprays remains in doubt.