3rd gen Maruti Swift with ‘Low Rider’ treatment looks gorgeous

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the most commonly found modified cars in the country. We have seen several examples of such beautifully modified Swift hatchbacks across the country. Maruti launched the Swift hatchback in 2005 and ever since then it has been a popular choice among the buyers. We currently have the third generation Swift that was launched in the market in 2018. With every update, Swift became more and more popular and here we have a third generation Swift that has been gorgeously modified into a low rider.

The pictures have been shared by The Modified Monsters on their website. Straightaway, from the looks of it, it’s is evident that a lot of work has gone into this Swift. Starting from the  front, the modified car gets an aftermarket Demon projector type headlamps with matrix like turn indicators integrated in it. The front grille gets a chrome strip around it along with a Mugen badging. The bumper remains stock but there is a splitter installed in the lower part of the bumper. There is a partial camo wrap on the right side of the car which gives it a distinct look.

Coming to the side profile you notice the wide 17 inch BBS chrome finished alloy wheels and the black coloured side skirt. The roof on this Swift gets a blacked out rood for added sportiness. While you are here, you’ll also notice that the car is sitting a bit lower to the ground in comparison to the stock version. That is because this modified Swift gets a Cobra lowered suspension along with race dampers.

The rear of the car gets a clear lens LED tail light and huge aftermarket spoiler. The owner of this car has also done some changes to interiors and the performance part. It is a 1.2 litre petrol Swift and is capable of generating 81 Bhp and 113 Nm of torque when in stock form. It has got a Stage 1+ ECU remap from Wolf Moto Performance, iridium spark plugs, BMC air intake, Automech headers with HKS end can. All these modifications have definitely increased the performance but, the exact figures are not known as of now. Overall, the work done on this Swift looks neat and make the car a serious head turner.