4 Car Worries That Exist For You But Not For Your Friend With Suzuki Connect in his NEXA car

Are you the one who is trapped between the devil & deep blue sea after buying a car? Losing your sleep about the worries that come along with the perks of owning a car? Well, we can relate to your concern. But the harsh reality is that some of these worries actually exist for you but not for your friend who owns a NEXA car. Yes, it’s true – your NEXA friend is not feeling anxious about any of the five following worries that keep you stressed & we’ll tell you why.

1. Losing your car and not knowing how to track it

Car thefts are extremely common in India, and mostly the stolen vehicles are never recovered. While you keep getting worked up on this thought, your NEXA friend is not worried at all. And, this is because All Nexa cars can be fitted with Suzuki Connect, a telematics solution device that lets him live track his vehicle through his smartphone. He receives an alert every time his car crosses a boundary. No wonder he is much more relaxed w.r.t car safety whether he is out at a party or at an important client meeting.

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2. Not getting quick help during emergencies

Time is a critical factor during accidents and the quicker an emergency service team arrives, the better it is. One may not be in a state to call for help after a severe accident, but your NEXA friend with Suzuki Connect doesn’t feel handicapped in such an unfortunate scenario. Suzuki Connect is smart enough to send alerts to the chosen contacts in case of a mishap. Since the notification comes along with a precise location, quick help can be sought & emergencies can be taken care of in a better manner.

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3. Forgetting your parking location

Don’t you wish that your car could call your name every time you forget the parking location of the car in the monumental parking lots? While it may become a wishful thinking for you but your NEXA friend with Suzuki Connect doesn’t have to worry about forgetting where he has parked his car. Suzuki Connect actually gives you walking directions to the parked car. Feeling jealous of him? You are not alone.

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4. Missing the car service

You might consider it obvious to miss out on the service schedule of your car, considering your busy lifestyle but your NEXA friend with Suzuki Connect has some other opinion. The credit for him not missing the due service actually goes to Suzuki Connect for notifying accurate reminders on the basis of the odometer reading.

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Still wondering why is NEXA a joy to drive? Suzuki Connect (the new telematics solution available for all NEXA cars) has actually been a savior for NEXA customers time and again.

Know everything about Suzuki Connect here or visit your nearest NEXA Showroom or NEXA Service.