4 kinds of Jawa 300cc motorcycles will soon challenge Royal Enfields: We explain!

Jawa Motorcycles is making a comeback to the Indian market and soon will launch three all-new motorcycles in the market. The Jawa brand has already unveiled the engine that will power its motorcycles but the products will be launched on 15th November 2018. There are quite a few speculations revolving around of the kinds of bikes that Jawa would launch in the market. This is an official video by Jawa that shows the body styles that the upcoming bikes may get.


Closest rival: Yamaha FZ25

Jawa is also expected to launch a basic street bike that would be launched for the masses and would get an affordable price tag. The bike would take on the likes of Yamaha FZ25 and will be designed for daily commutes inside the city. The Street version of the Jawa model would get a relaxed riding position that would allow the rider to take on the heavy city traffic for long hours without getting tired. The Street version of the Jawa is also almost certain to be launched in the market. The street version of the Jawa would be an entry-level product and is expected to be priced at around Rs. 1.4 lakhs.

Retro Street

Closest rival: Royal Enfield Bullet 350

4 kinds of Jawa 300cc motorcycles will soon challenge Royal Enfields: We explain!

Jawa will be targeting Royal Enfield directly with the new launches. To take on the highly successful bikes like Bullet 350, Jawa would certainly launch a street bike with a retro body design. It will take on the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 directly. The bike has been caught on test already but the test mule was wrapped under heavy camouflage which hid the design well. The retro-street Jawa is expected to get a classy looking fuel tank with round headlamps. It is also expected to get a lot of chrome parts that would give it the retro look. It would be priced at around Rs. 1.6 lakhs.


Closest rival: Royal Enfield Himalayan

4 kinds of Jawa 300cc motorcycles will soon challenge Royal Enfields: We explain!

Renders courtesy Oberdan Bezzi

There are no scrambler bikes in the affordable segment in India, however the Himalayan, which is an adventure bike would take on the Jawa’s scrambler if it is launched. Jawa motorcycles shared a sketch where the bike design looks like a scrambler and if it launches in India, it would be a big step for the company. The Scrambler bikes are designed to offer the best of the street and off-road worlds. The bike gets long-travel suspension with spoked wheels and knobby tyres. It sure looks quite attractive but due to its aggressive design, it finds a very less number of customers.


Closest rival: Royal Enfield Classic

This is another bike, which has a high chance of getting launched in India. The Bobber would take on the likes of Royal Enfield Classic range in the Indian market and would offer a vintage design with modern features. The Royal Enfield Classic is the best-selling bike above the 300cc segment and there are many buyers of the vintage design offered by Royal Enfield. The Bobber is expected to be the most expensive machine in the line-up and would get a price tag of around Rs. 2 lakhs in the Indian market.

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