4 Maruti Jimny 5-door SUVs modified to look like Mercedes G-Wagen SUVs [Video]

Before the introduction of the Jimny 5-door in India, the 3-door variant of the car had already been available in international markets. Consequently, there is now a wide array of readily available aftermarket bolt-on kits for the vehicle. Having eagerly awaited the arrival of the Jimny in the Indian market, customers who are now receiving deliveries are increasingly opting for the Mercedes-AMG G63 kit as one of the most popular aftermarket choices. Presented here are four instances of Jimny SUVs featuring aftermarket G-Wagen kits.

Jimny to G-Wagen by AutoStylenn

AutoStylenn has transformed this all-black Maruti Suzuki Jimny using an imported kit, resulting in G-Wagen aesthetics. Enhanced by aftermarket LED headlamps, bonnet-mounted turn indicators, and roof-mounted LED lights, this Jimny displays an imposing presence. Its profile boasts substantial footsteps and flared fenders, contributing to its enhanced width. True to the original G-Wagen design, the exhaust tips are positioned to the side, complemented by an upgraded exhaust system that produces a robust and resonant sound.

Complementing the transformation are Brabus-inspired alloy wheels, accentuating the modified Jimny’s appeal. The rear features modified LED tail lamps, while Mercedes-Benz insignias—ranging from V8 to AMG—further enhance the vehicle’s distinctive appearance.

4 Maruti Jimny 5-door SUVs modified to look like Mercedes G-Wagen SUVs [Video]

Jimny to G-Wagen by VM Customs

VM Customs, based in Mangalore, has introduced a bolt-on kit for the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, elevating its appeal. Beginning with the exterior, this customized Jimny commands attention with its unique front bumper housing squared fog lamps, a front grille adorned with vertical slats, and distinct front fenders—reminiscent of the Mercedes-AMG G63.

The modified Jimny further incorporates fender-mounted clear-lens turn indicators, a sleek and nearly flat bonnet, squared and flared wheel arches, blacked-out rearview mirrors, and LED inserts in the tail lamps—echoing the luxurious G-Class design. Notable additions to this customized five-door Jimny include roof-mounted LED bar lights, a rear roof spoiler, 18-inch aftermarket black alloy wheels matched with low-profile tires, and a sleek gloss black roof.

Taking inspiration from the G63 AMG, this modified Jimny showcases red accents on the door pads, genuine leather seat covers, steering wheel, and door pads, accompanied by a black roof liner. Further enhancing its unique character, this G-Wagen-inspired Jimny integrates the Cardi K4 ambient lighting package and an upgraded audio system.

Jimny to G-Wagen by Kit Up!

4 Maruti Jimny 5-door SUVs modified to look like Mercedes G-Wagen SUVs [Video]

Kit Up! has transformed this parrot-green Jimny into a G-Wagen replica, incorporating similar updates to the aforementioned vehicles. However, distinct tires and alloy wheels are employed. Inside the cabin, a dual-tone red and black theme prevails. Notably, the powertrain and mechanical components remain unaltered.

4 Maruti Jimny 5-door SUVs modified to look like Mercedes G-Wagen SUVs [Video]

Jimny to G-Wagen by AutoStarke


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This G-Wagen conversion is from Kerala. Apart from the kit, the car gets a new shade of metallic blue, which is also available with the G63 AMG. The car also gets a walnut shade cabin that definitely adds a contrasting look and makes the cabin super premium.

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