4 MBBS students killed as sedan hits truck

Indian roads claim several lives daily, but only a few of them are officially reported. Here is one such incident from Karnataka that has claimed four lives of MBBS student. Here is what happened.

What happened at the spot?

4 MBBS students killed as sedan hits truck

The accident happened during the early hours of Friday (today). Four students travelling in the previous generation Hyundai Verna collided head-on with a truck and lost their lives on the spot. The accident took place on the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway.

The Verna had four occupants – Joel Jacob, Jeena Divya and Nikhit. The fourth person remains unidentified. The students were from different medical colleges and were said to be on a road trip to Bengaluru. All the students belong from Kerala.

4 MBBS students killed as sedan hits truck

The car was coming from Mysuru, and it had hit the median at early hours. The car had jumped the divider and went on to collide with the truck. From the video, it can be seen that the car crashed at high speed and the only mangled remains of the vehicle remain at the accident site. The roof has been cut open to probably pull out the occupants of the vehicle.

The truck driver has fled the scene, and cops are still on a lookout.

Why do cars jump medians?

Jumping median can be extremely dangerous and often ends with fatal results. What are the common reasons of a vehicle jumping medians?

  • Tyre Burst – A tyre burst can be extremely dangerous and can put a vehicle out of control. Sudden tyre bursts at high speed can throw the vehicle out of control and can cause major accidents. It is always important to check the tyres properly and keep them in top condition.
  • Driving at high speed – The Indian highways can throw any surprise at you. During night time, the time to react becomes much longer. Driving at high speed can force you to take quick turns on seeing obstacles, and the car can easily go out of control during such moves.
  • Driving in an inebriated state – Driving under the influence slows you down and makes you less responsive to the road conditions. Always stay alert and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Sleep – At night, one of the most common causes of accidents is falling asleep on the wheels. The human body is designed to rest at night, and especially between 1 AM and 4 AM. Always try to avoid driving at night. Take necessary breaks if driving is unavoidable.

Bengaluru – Mysuru road

In the recent times, the Bengaluru – Mysuru stretch has become extremely dangerous. A lot of people, especially young students, use the highway at night for long drives. They’re known to drive rashly, race against each other and also drive under the influence of alcohol. All these factors have contributed to a lot of accidents on this road.

Also, there are many unmarked speed breakers along the highway, and a lot of trucks are illegally parked alongside the road. Driving at night on this state highway is not recommended. You’re advised to be extra careful while driving at night on this road.