4 year old kid riding a Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle goes viral on the internet [Video]

Kid riding RE Classic

There are several videos available online where kids are seen driving cars or riding motorcycles. In most cases, these activities are completely illegal as the children involved are underage. However, we have noticed a trend where parents are actually training their kids on private tracks to improve their riding and driving skills. In the past, we have seen videos of kids riding pocket bikes both on the road and on private properties. Here, we have a video of one such child from Kerala who has gone viral on the internet after a video of him riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle surfaced. You may wonder how old he is? He’s only four.


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The video has been shared by “tranz__moto_hub” on their Instagram page. The video shows the four-year-old child sitting on a Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle. He is too small to ride the motorcycle, and an adult is seen standing next to him. It is quite possible that he is the child’s father. The man can be seen giving instructions to the child on how to manage and balance the bike while riding it. The child then slowly starts to release the bike’s clutch, and the bike can be seen moving forward.

The motorcycle starts moving, and the adult lets go of the bike. It is very clear in the video that the parent was actually holding the bike until the child gained some momentum. The child manages to ride the bike very neatly. It should be noted that he is riding the bike on private property, not on public roads. The four-year-old child, as mentioned above, is too small to control the brakes or even reach the brakes. His feet only reach the engine case of the bike.

4 year old kid riding a Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle goes viral  on the internet [Video]
Kid riding RE Classic

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle seen here is the previous generation. Judging by the child, it appears he has been doing this for some time. When it was time for him to stop, he slowly turned the motorcycle around to his parent so that the parent could help him stop the bike. The child was clearly enjoying the ride. It should be noted that this is not the first time this child has ridden a bike. The same boy from Kerala was seen riding pocket bikes and other bikes like Yamaha RX100 and an SUV.

The same child was seen driving a Tata Xenon on the same property a few months ago. Just like with the bikes, the child is unable to reach the accelerator, clutch, or brake pedals on the floor. He actually stood on the driver’s seat to get a better view of the road ahead. The parent is doing a great thing by not letting his child ride or drive on public roads. The property on which he is riding the bike is a safe environment, and he is not risking other people’s lives. We have seen several instances where parents have let their children drive on public roads, and even the police have taken action against them.