400 kilo Suzuki Intruder motorcycle falls; How to handle a heavy bike [Video]

With the evolution of motorcycles, we have seen that a lot of modern-day motorcycles have become lighter while a lot more have become much heavier due to additional equipment offered. If you have ever ridden a heavy motorcycle, you will realise that they are quite stable on the straights, and can yet fall off easily at crawling speeds. Here is a video that shows how a heavy bike can get imbalanced if the rider is not paying attention, how it can overpower you and fall. Here are techniques that will help you handle heavy bikes properly.

Learn to lift properly

Humans can lift heavy objects but if the technique is not right, one can get seriously hurt. In a few cases, the back can suffer from a muscle pull or bone dislocation. Even modern lightweight bikes weigh more than 120 kg and that is quite a heavy weight to lift. If you’re riding a bike, you should know how to properly pick up such heavy machines.

If you’re solo, this is one of the easiest ways to pick up the bike. The video shows how to find two points around the lower point of the bike and rest the chest against the seat and then push the bike to make it stand. It also shows two different techniques involving a helping hand to lift up the bike properly. If you own a heavy bike, this is something that you should learn and practice.

Lower the seat height

400 kilo Suzuki Intruder motorcycle falls; How to handle a heavy bike [Video]

The average Indian height makes most of the internationally designed adventure bikes and sports bikes quite difficult to handle. That is because of the high seat height that comes with the stock bikes. However, there are official accessories and aftermarket solutions to reduce the seat height. It is extremely important that the feet of the rider reach the ground properly.

To make sure that the seat height is adjusted properly, one can check by hopping on it and placing the feet on the ground. While sitting, both the heels should touch the ground at the same time. A rider feels much more confident when both the heels reach the ground properly, and there are fewer chances of falling.

Attend a riding school

400 kilo Suzuki Intruder motorcycle falls; How to handle a heavy bike [Video]

Adventure bikes have a lot of potential and they can be big fun when ridden with proper techniques. While riding schools are not abundant in India, there are many places like the Triumph Tiger Training Academy that teaches the riders to handle such adventure machines properly.

Such schools teach technique like handling the bike on different surfaces, how to brake properly to stop in minimum distance, how to take fast corners and how to ride properly without getting tired. Such techniques can be life-saving too. It is always better to be prepared for the worst.

Learn to corner

While riding a heavy bike on the straight line can be fun and easy, taking corners can be a tough job. If the speed is too low and the rider is leaning, the centrifugal forces cannot hold the bike upright. Always know what is a good speed to take corners. Taking corners at high speeds can throw you off the lane and can cause an accident. Taking at too low speeds can cause the bike to fall. Always stick out a leg in the direction of the corner while taking low-speed corners. This way, you can support the bike if it starts falling.

Use brakes judiciously

Heavy bikes need to be handled carefully and at lower speeds, always make sure that you apply the pressure to the rear brake more than the front brake. At lower speed, if you apply the front brake, it may come to stop suddenly that can throw the rider off balance. Using the rear brakes will give you enough time to stop smoothly and put the leg down.