42 year-old Hindustan Ambassador with modifications worth Rs 8 lakh is a head-turner [Video]

The Hindustan Ambassador holds a special place in the hearts of many car enthusiasts. As the first car ever manufactured in India, it quickly became a symbol of prestige among wealthy families and served as a trusted vehicle for politicians and senior government officials for many years. Unfortunately, the Ambassador was discontinued in 2014 and is no longer available for sale. However, even today, there are numerous well-maintained examples of Hindustan Ambassador cars scattered throughout India. While some owners have chosen to preserve the car in its original form, many have opted to modify and customize it to better suit their needs. Here, we showcase one such Mark 4 Ambassador that has undergone modifications worth Rs 8 lakh.

The video was uploaded by Kamcustoms, a custom house based in Mangalore, on their YouTube channel. The objective here seems to be giving the Ambassador a retro-modern appearance. The first noticeable feature of this Ambassador is the customized paint job. The front grille now proudly displays the Ambassador lettering, adding to the car’s aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the original halogen headlamps have been replaced with aftermarket LED units that include ring-type LED DRLs, which also serve as turn indicators. Additionally, the round turn indicator located below has also been upgraded to LED.

The bumper has undergone a minor revision, incorporating an integrated LED fog lamp. The nickel-plated bumper has been preserved on the car. Moving on to the side profile, the steel rims have been substituted with aftermarket alloy wheels. The original ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors) of the Ambassador have been replaced with electrically adjustable and foldable ones. The door handles remain unchanged, but the car now features central locking. The boot is adorned with chrome garnish, and the tailgate has been customized. The tail lamps have been upgraded to LED units, and the bumper has received nickel plating.

42 year-old Hindustan Ambassador with modifications worth Rs 8 lakh is a head-turner [Video]
42 year old Ambassador modified

Moving inside, the car boasts various customizations, such as a custom-made or fabricated dashboard. Additionally, all seats, door panels, and certain parts of the dashboard have been upholstered in leather. Speaking of the seats, the original ones in this Ambassador have been replaced. The car now features electrically adjustable front seats sourced from Skoda, while the rear seats have been upgraded to captain seats. Furthermore, the car offers power windows, air conditioning, ambient lights, and numerous other features. The original steering wheel has been substituted with one from the Mahindra Scorpio, but it still bears the HM logo. Moreover, the car now includes a push-button start feature.

An aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system from Pioneer has been installed in the car. Additionally, a set of four speakers and a subwoofer have been added to enhance the audio experience. The car now features a cable-operated fuel lid opener. One of the significant updates to this Hindustan Ambassador lies in its engine. The Ambassador showcased in the video initially ran on a petrol engine, but it has since been replaced with an Isuzu diesel engine. Furthermore, the car now incorporates ARC composite leaf springs with gas shocks. Overall, the car maintains a clean and modern appearance while still retaining its retro character.

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