43 exotic cars of sex offender yogi Bikram Choudhury go missing

Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram yoga, has a net worth of close to 500 crores, and has a large, exotic car collection. From Rolls Royces to Ferraris, this man has them all. And he just lost a sexual harassment case in the United States. Immediately afterwards, the yogi’s entire car collection comprising of 43 exotic cars has mysteriously disappeared.

How did he accumulate these cars in the first place?

bikram carBikram yoga became a raging hit, and soon Choudhury was teaching celebs such as Madonna, David Beckham and Lady Gaga.  The man used to charge his students a massive Rs 11 lakh to learn, and then to use his name and become Bikram Yoga teachers of Bikram Yoga.

A while ago, a member of his legal team, Miss Jafa-Bodden sued Bikram for sexual harrasment. The case went on for a while and she happened to win the trial. According to the judgement passed, he has now been stripped of his empire, which will be taken over by her. Not his cars though, which have now disappeared.


Bikram Choudhury Rolls Royce

The cars were parked in a storage facility and were looked after by a friend of Bikram. The caretaker claims that he has no idea where the vehicles are currently located. However, Jafa-Bodden’s law team (the person who sued him) suggests that they have evidence to prove that he was involved in the removal of the car to protect them.

The cars

Bikram Choudhury driving his Rolls Royce

The list of exotics missing are a fleet of 43 cars. This includes 13 Rolls Royces, 8 Bentleys and 3 Ferraris. From a picture that can be seen of his rides, we can list out a few of those cars. Out of the three Ferraris in question, one is the 458 Spider and the other being the California, both finished in white.

Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe 1

Out of the long list of Rolls Royces, one is a new Phantom Drop Head Coupe, finished in a two tone red and silver paint shade. Others are the older Rolls Royces like the Silver Shadow and the Phantom V. While there is no clarity on the whereabouts of the vehicle, all we can hope for is that these cars are well looked after and do not die a painful death.

Source: Dailymail