45 car owners fined in Delhi for bullbar use

The Delhi transport department has begun fining car owners who have bullbars installed on their vehicles. Owners are being fined Rs. 500 for the first offence, and the transport department also has plans of removing bullbars on the spot. The spot removal of bullbars is likely to be implemented in the coming days, when the transport department will intensify the drive against these ‘illegal’ accessories.

45 car owners fined in Delhi for bullbar use

Here is a statement from a Delhi transport department official,

Ten teams were deployed at various places to challan the vehicles fitted with crash bars. The motorists were fined Rs 500 each. The drive will be intensified in coming days with more teams pressed to challan people using crash guard on their vehicles. 

It’s not Delhi alone that’s cracking down on bullbars. The Tamilnadu transport department, last week, sent a notification to all RTOs in the state, asking them not to register new vehicles fitted with bullbars. The transport department has also asked the RTOs to start penalizing against cars and SUVs fitted with bullbars that are already registered.

In the coming weeks, other states are likely to follow Delhi and Tamilnadu in acting against cars fitted with bullbars. These actions follows a letter sent by the union ministry of road transport and highways (MoRTH), asking all state transport departments to ban bullbars, and also act against vehicles fitted with them.

According to the letter sent out by MoRTH, bullbars interfere with the functioning of airbags and also cause serious injuries to pedestrians and two wheeler riders on the road.The letter also highlighted that bullbars are illegal under Section 52 of the Motor Vehicle Act. It went on to add that having bullbars on vehicles attracts penalties under attracts penalties under the Section 190 and 191 of the Motor Vehicles Act. With Indian cops beginning action against vehicles with bullbars, it’s advisable to get these accessories removed at the earliest.

Via IndiaToday