5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans of India

Rolls-Royce cars are renowned as the epitome of luxury in the automotive world. Those who possess these prestigious vehicles go to great lengths to ensure their immaculate upkeep. However, it is disheartening to witness instances where owners have abandoned their opulent automobiles due to various reasons. The sheer thought of such negligence is enough to evoke deep sorrow, especially when considering the exorbitant value associated with a Rolls-Royce. India, too, has witnessed a few cases where these magnificent vehicles have been left to languish, their once-glorious past now fading into oblivion. Presented here is a list of five such Rolls-Royce cars, which could have been cherished relics of the past, but sadly, are now abandoned.

Rolls Royce Ghost

5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans of India
Abandoned Rolls Royce Ghost

This Rolls Royce Ghost, featuring a blue and silver color scheme, is the property of Mohammad Nisham from Bengaluru. Nisham is currently facing trial for running over a security guard with his Hummer H2 SUV. The Rolls Royce Ghost depicted in the images has been confiscated by the police and is currently located within the compound of the police station. Bengaluru Police seized the vehicle when Nisham was apprehended for driving under the influence of alcohol. In a desperate attempt to evade capture, Nisham even trapped a female police officer inside the car, who had attempted to retrieve the car keys.

Rolls Royce Phantom

5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans of India

This silver-colored Rolls Royce Ghost, which belonged to Leena Maria Paul, an actress from yesteryears involved in a multi-crore scam against Canara Bank, is now one of the numerous cars owned by Leena that lay dormant inside the police compound. The police confiscated the car from a farmhouse in Delhi when she was arrested for her participation in the scam. The Phantom appears to be partially damaged on all sides.

Rolls Royce Silver Spur II

5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans of India
Abandoned Rolls Royce Silver Spur II

The Rolls Royce Silver Spur II is an exceptionally rare car in India, with limited availability. It was a remarkable vehicle from the 1980s. The Rolls Royce depicted here is one of those limited units that were brought to the country. Currently, information about the owner of the Silver Spur II remains unknown. Likewise, the reasons behind its abandonment by the owner are also undisclosed. The car sits covered in dust, having been parked on the roadside.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, yet another breathtaking model from Rolls Royce, was renowned for its iconic design. Unfortunately, a golden-colored Rolls Royce Silver Shadow has been abandoned by its owner in Khandala, Maharashtra. Similar to the Silver Spur II, information regarding the owner of this luxurious vehicle remains unknown. Numerous accounts have surfaced regarding paranormal activities associated with this car.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Mark 3

5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans of India
Abandoned Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Mk 3

Another exceptionally rare Rolls Royce car on Indian roads is the Silver Spirit Mark 3, which was exclusively manufactured from 1993 to 1996. This car has also been sighted in Mumbai and is currently abandoned, left to decay in Andheri. Similar to the aforementioned Rolls Royce vehicles, the ownership details of this car remain unknown.