5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans in India

Watching a luxury car rotting or left abandoned by its owners is nothing short of a nightmare, and if it is a car as expensive as a Rolls Royce, it can even make your heart and soul ache. Rolls Royce is known for making ultra-expensive cars, which are considered the pinnacle of luxury in automobiles. Yet, we have come across a few instances in which a few Rolls Royce cars are left abandoned in India for the reasons best known to their respective owners. Here’s a list of five such Rolls Royce cars, which could have been a part of the glorious past, but now are dying a slow death.

Rolls Royce Ghost

5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans in India

Belonging to Mohammad Nisham from Bengaluru, who is under trial for driving over a security guard in his Hummer H2, this blue-coloured Rolls Royce Ghost is currently lying in the police seizure compound. This Ghost was seized by Bengaluru police when Nisham was caught driving under the influence of alcohol. In an attempt to escape, Nisham locked the lady police officer inside the car, who tried to stop him by retrieving the car keys.

Rolls Royce Phantom

5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans in India

Belonging to an actress from yesteryears, Leena Maria Paul, who was involved in a multi-crore scam against Canara bank, this silver-coloured Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the many cars owned by Leena which are gathering dust inside the police compound. The car was seized by police from a farmhouse in Delhi when she was arrested for her involvement in the scam. The Phantom looks partly damaged from all the sides.

Rolls Royce Silver Spur II

5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans in India

One of the most spectacular cars from the 1980s, the Rolls Royce Silver Spur II is present in India in a limited number, and unfortunately, this abandoned unit is one of them. The details of the owner of this black-coloured Silver Spur II are unknown, and also unknown are the reasons behind why he left this car on a roadside to gather dust.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Another Rolls Royce model from the bygone eras, the Silver Shadow is known for its graceful look from the outside. However, a golden-coloured Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is dying a slow death in Khandala, Maharashtra. While the owner’s details are not known fully, this car is infamous for several stories of paranormal activities involving it.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Mark 3

5 abandoned Rolls Royce luxury sedans in India

Manufactured only for four years between 1993 and 1996, the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Mark 3 is a very rare car for the Indian roads. So, it is an unfortunate thing that such a rare car is lying in an abandoned state in Andheri, Mumbai. Like the Silver Spur II mentioned above, the details of the whereabouts of the owner of this car are yet unknown.

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