5 affordable motorcycles transformed into ADV bikes: From KTM 390 Duke to Bajaj Dominar

5 affordable motorcycles transformed into ADV bikes: From KTM 390 Duke to Bajaj Dominar

While the number of adventure motorcyclists is increasing every year, there is a severe dearth of affordable adventure motorcycles in the Indian market. However, there are many potential motorcycles that are long-distance friendly, but lack the ADV form. Here are five such bikes that have been transformed to adventure bikes from regular bikes by their owners.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke is a street monster. The new 390 Duke gets extremely sharp looks and gets features like a full TFT screen and dual-channel ABS. However, the bike is not preferred for long distance riding due to the riding position.

The ADV version of the bike gets a handguard, new fog lamp mounts, pillion backrest and new taller windshield that keeps the rider safe from any wind blast. It also gets a handlebar raiser kit that provides a straighter seating posture for the rider.

Bajaj Pulsar 220F

The Pulsar 220F is a semi-faired motorcycle that provides adequate wind protection on the highways and good agility on the rough terrains. It is the cheapest all-purpose bike that money can buy. Many long-distance riders use the Pulsar 200F for its no-fuss maintenance.

To make the Pulsar 220F touring-friendly, Lluvia Industries has added a new belly pan to protect the engine, a new windshield and handguards. It also gets solid panniers and a top box at the rear to carry all the luggage.

Bajaj Dominar

The Bajaj Dominar is a value for money bike that is sold as an adventure cruiser in the market. The Dominar gets some long-distance-friendly features like an all-LED headlamp, fuel injected engine, liquid-cooling, dual channel ABS and more.

To make it even more suited for long distance riding, AutoLogue has made a few changes. The bike gets a raised fender, pillion backrest and a much taller windshield that will protect the rider from any wind blast.

Yamaha FZ25

The Yamaha bikes have always been known for being extremely smooth and comfortable for long-distance journeys. Yamaha entered the 250cc segment in India with the launch of the FZ25 and it sure is an excellent highway cruiser.

The bike has been given an adventure treatment and it now gets a rear bracket on which the top-box is fixed. The bike also gets a taller windshield that saves the rider from fast winds while cruising on the highway. Even though Yamaha offers the Fazer 25 with semi-fairing, a naked bike will always be agiler and will cause fewer rattles on the rough roads.

Old-gen KTM 390 Duke

Even though the all-new KTM 390 Duke is available in the market, there are many who still ride the older 390 Duke and the 200 Duke that did not get the similar visual updates like the naked 390. The bike seen here gets aftermarket tyres with bigger blocks that give it a better grip. It also gets a taller windscreen and an engine protector that saves it from any rock hits. The radiator also gets a protective net to save it from flying stones on the highways. There is a bracket at the rear that can be used to mount luggage or a top box.

Picture source: Lluvia IndustriesAutoLogue