5 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car Parts The Most

Ask any car owner in India about their driving skills and you will come across swift and modest replies that will make Michael Schumacher’s record look like a high school medal. However, being a good driver on a daily basis is not all fast overtakes and reaching your destination one minute before what Google Maps displays as your ETA. No, the zooming F1 cars on your TV are not the benchmark of a daily driver’s skills. Driving your car on a regular basis means maintaining minor but very important driving discipline that ensures better health overall for your car parts. Here are 5 habits that damage your car parts the most. Read on to know what you must avoid on your future rides, and if you already avoid these habits, soak in that sweet feeling of validation!

Slamming brakes more than needed

5 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car Parts The Most

Yes, the video reels make them look very cool, but shooting off from every traffic signal as if you are chasing a wanted fugitive is not at all cool for your car. Each time that you pin the pedal to the floor, the abundance of cars on Indian roads catches up with you, and you find yourself using the brake with the same vigour you used the accelerator with. This damages your brake pads no end. The same applies to the quick stops that make your tyres screech. These aggressive start-stop tactics heat up the brake pads and they become more prone to damage.

Since this happens over and over, the brake pads often don’t get enough time to cool down properly and hence get damaged even more. So, remember the age-old maxim: Go gentle and always use Hyundai Mobis original brake systems and brake pads for the maximum stopping power and safety. Know More About Hyundai Mobis Brake Pads.

Cold start for faulty engine

5 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car Parts The Most

This is yet another crowd favourite that has the larger public in all sorts of delusions. How often have you seen the lead character in your favourite movie ram in the car’s key, pin the accelerator to the floor, and then crank the gear lever to go zooming after the bad guys? Impressive? Actually, no. This is damaging his car. Accelerating the car on a cold engine means that the lubricant in your engine has trickled down from the pistons and other critical parts. As soon as you push the pedal, the pistons in your engine start working even before being properly lubricated. The higher the acceleration, the faster the engine-parts move, and the more damage they suffer. The oil in your engine needs to heat up to a certain level before it begins lubricating the engine efficiently.

All it takes is letting the engine idle for a minute or so. Doing that will ensure it functions smoothly, saving you maintenance and replacement costs. Beginning to drive immediately after turning on the ignition is especially cruel on the piston ring, which can get damaged due to the high level of friction. A piston ring is a really important part of the engine and a damaged ring can cause complete failure. Cheaper and genuine-looking options are available in the market but it is always the safest bet to buy it from Hyundai Mobis, the exclusive partner of Hyundai for genuine parts and accessories. Know More About Hyundai Mobis Piston Rings.

Not Slowing Down On Bad Roads

5 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car Parts The Most

There are many who drive their vehicles on the bad surfaces like they are in a rally stage. Indian roads are not the smoothest, and when a vehicle does not slow down on the bad roads or speed breakers, the suspension takes a hit. Modern cars are equipped with struts that can bottom-out and break if too much pressure is applied to them. Also, not slowing down prematurely ages the suspension system and it wears off quicker. One should always be gentle on bad roads and while approaching speed breakers to ensure minimal damage and as a corollary, maintenance charges. Slowing down will also make sure that the car does not rattle and shake early in its life. Always buy genuine suspensions and struts from Hyundai Mobis for the best comfort and longevity. Know More About Hyundai Mobis Shock Absorber.

Using the clutch as a dead pedal all the time

5 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car Parts The Most

What often happens is that in the absence of a dead pedal, one tends to rest their foot on one of the pedals while driving. And as it happens, India’s never-ending traffic makes that fateful pedal the clutch. What you do not realise while resting your foot is that even the slightest pressure on the clutch pedal means that your clutch remains engaged throughout your drive. This not only damages your clutch but also brings stress on several other parts of your engine and transmission.

The result? You end up with hefty bills during your regular service visits to the workshop. So the next time you head out on the roads, make sure that you treat the clutch pedal like your precious iPhone and handle it with great care. The clutch is an integral and critical part of the car, so it is prudent to buy an original product from Hyundai Mobis. This will ensure that the vehicle operates smoothly and offers the best pick-up, fuel efficiency and performance. Know More About Hyundai Mobis Clutch.

Too much hurry to start the engine

5 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car Parts The Most

Diesel-powered vehicles require more care, especially during winter months. Since this fuel’s higher calorific value makes it less flammable, a diesel engine is designed in a different way. Most modern-day diesel vehicles come with glow plugs, which pre-heat the diesel fuel and air, which ensures easy ignition in the cold weather.

Now when the key is turned in any vehicle, an array of warning lights come up on the display. One should always wait until the warning lights turn off before engaging the starter of the engine. In diesel engines, when the ignition is turned, the glow plug sign comes on the display and it starts to work by heating the fuel and air. It only takes a second or two. Starting the vehicle before the glow plug sign turns off can harm the engine and cause the glow plug to go kaput.

Since the glow plug is the heart that pumps life into the engine, it should always be original. Hyundai Mobis, the official partner of Hyundai India and worldwide, offers all the genuine parts including the glow plug. Have complete peace of mind and know that your vehicle has the right part by buying it from Hyundai Mobis. Know More About Hyundai Mobis Glow Plugs.

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