5 beautiful Harley Davidson replicas, built on Bajaj Avenger and Pulsar to Royal Enfields!

While there are many options of cruiser motorcycles in this world, Harley-Davidson is still considered as the ultimate cruiser motorcycle and dreams of many. Many people go for affordable motorcycles and try to convert it to Harley-Davidson replicas. We have got five such motorcycles from India and they all look great.

Avenger – Davidson

This conversion is done by a modder garage called The Bikers Customs. The base motorcycle is a 2011 Bajaj Avenger and it gets many new additions. There is a custom tank, which looks truly inspired by Harley-Davidson and completes the look of the custom bike.

It also gets a Harley-Davidson inspired engine cover complete with chrome plate. The stock seat has been replaced with a new one and there is no grabrail. A new round LED tail lamp has been positioned too. A faux radiator grille has been added too. It also gets alloy wheels with fatter tyres and a new custom exhaust.

Horizon Harley

This is another custom job based on an Avenger 220. The motorcycle gets the tank from Royal Enfield motorcycle while the headlamp cluster has been updated with LED lamps and LED DRL. The handlebar has been updated to a raised one to give a very relaxed riding position. The tail section is quite clean with no grab rail in place. The whole bike gets a military green colour that looks quite good.

Autologue Harley

5 beautiful Harley Davidson replicas, built on Bajaj Avenger and Pulsar to Royal Enfields!

Autologue launched a new kit for Harley Davidson motorcycles that makes an Avenger look like a Harley Davidson Street 750. The kit is available in two different styles. The conversion kit includes bolt-on parts such as a headlamp cowl, engine shroud, seat kit and a tail kit. The whole kit can installed at home and costs between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 depending on the number of options you choose. Now that is a quick conversion from a humble Avenger to Harley-Davidson at home.

The Bikers

Maharashtra based The Bikers did a wonderful job of converting a Bajaj Avenger 220 to Harley Davidson. the motorcycle looks quite close to the Harley-Davidson design. To start with, the bike gets a new paint scheme, especially the dual tone on the tank. The modders have also added a Harley-Davidson logo on the tank to give it a real feel. The headlamp cluster has been changed to new projector headlamp with an LED DRL.

The bike also gets auxiliary lamp mounted under the handlebar. The seat has been updated with new diamond stitched individual seats. It also gets aftermarket exhaust and footpegs that lift up the looks of the whole bike. The complete the Harley-Davidson look, the bike gets custom engine cover with chrome plate.


5 beautiful Harley Davidson replicas, built on Bajaj Avenger and Pulsar to Royal Enfields!

This Softail Harley-Davidson inspired customised model is the creation of J&D Custom. the bike is based on the Pulsar Pulsar 180. The bike gets fabricated fuel tank, front frame, and the swingarm. The headlamp gets a cowl and a 5-inch LED DRL headlamp on the inside. The exhaust is also handmade and gets glass wool packed muffler. No performance modifications have been done except for the addition of K&N air-filter.

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