5 beautifully MODIFIED cars from 360 Motoring

360 Motoring is a company that is based out of Kerala. The company has outlets in Calicut, Kollam, Malappuram and Kozhikode. They modify cars, and most times, beautifully. The work they do includes designing body kits, fabricating them, painting as well as in accessories and performance parts. Here are 5 great cars done by them:


360 6

The Swift is a modifiers delight. There are enough examples of wacky and wild Swifts that you will find in the country. 360 Motoring has come up with a few iterations of the Swift, this one standing out a bit more due to one very important feature, and that is the Lambo styled scissor doors.

Other than that, the Swift comes with other updates too. It now has a custom body kit, which is similar to the GT-R conversion kit. It has front splitter and canards, new projector headlamps that have been smoked out and a custom bonnet. The bonnet has multiple air scoops as well. The car sits on larger rims now, which have an orange lip. The rear has a huge spoiler.


360 3

After the Swift, the Polo is one of the most mod friendly hatchbacks in India. The reason behind that is that since it is a global product, there are a lot of parts available for the same across the world. This one has got a custom wide body built for it courtesy 360 Motoring. There are other mods on the car as well in addition to the flared fenders. There are custom bumpers, both at the front and the back which give the Polo a new look.

widebody 5

The vehicle is now finished in a unique pearl blue shade that certainly increases it’s appeal. To complete the mod list, the vehicle has also been lowered using Vogtland springs so give it a nice stance.


360 4

Down south, there are many modified Civics that you will find. The Civic was a very sporty sedan that had futuristic interiors. The main advantage of the Civic was the fact that it was low, which gave it a very sporty look. This Civic here has gotten a CR-Z body kit, which makes the car look a lot different than the normal Civic. It has a more muscular nose now, a new front splitter, new rims that have been finished in gold and new side skirts. The fenders have been widened as well.


360 5

The Honda City Type-Z was one that all enthusiasts loved, and there are many modified examples of the same that you can find in the country. There are fewer modified versions of the new City though. This is one of them. The body kit is a NKS type one which makes the vehicle look a lot like the new Civic Type-R. It has the red Honda logo, aftermarket projector lamps with LED DRLs on the bumper (Mercedes style) and side skirts as well. The rims have also been upgraded and the vehicle now sits on 17″ rims, which look massive.


360 1

The Sunny is one car you will not see on many mod lists. The main reason behind that being the fact that the Sunny is a car that most people would buy to sit at the back in, due to the massive space the car has. 360 has modified a Sunny though and put a kit on it, which makes it look nice. Mods include a custom red shade, a new front bumper with LED DRLs, a custom front lip, side skirts,  a new rear bumper with diffuser and dual exhausts, a new spoiler, new side skirts, 17″ rims, new aftermarket headlamps and the interiors too have been spruced up.

360 2

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