5 BEST Thar to Wrangler conversions in India

5 BEST Thar to Wrangler conversions in India

While the actual Jeep brand has officially made its way to the Indian market, the Wrangler is still way out of reach of most people. The cheapest and most affordable, diesel raw SUV, is the Thar currently. There are a few kits that make the Thar look like the Wrangler. Here are 5 such conversions:

Jeep Studio

thar jeep

Jeep Studio, a Coimbatore based modification company has turned the Thar into a Wrangler lookalike. The whole project took close to 4 months to complete and the changes that have been done are the following: a full body conversion, metal hardtop, new front bumper with fog lights, a new rear bumper, new LED headlamp kit and tail lamps, a new custom paint shade, new Wrangler door mirrors and 33″ tyres. The whole conversion costed Rs 6.75 lakhs. This is over and above the value of the stock car.

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Azad is also a brand that is well known in the industry for 4×4 mods. He has also come up with a Thar to Wrangler conversion and has done a few of them. The total cost of the project varies between 5-6 lakhs, based on various parameters. This cost includes the original Wrangler body kit, it gets the metal hard top conversion, includes a full repaint of the body and interior rework as well.


The interiors involve the seats and the placement of new front ward facing seats at the back of the Thar.

Executive Modcar Trendz


Executive Modcar Trendz does a lot of conversion and body kits for various vehicles. They have done quite a lot of crazy stuff as well. They have done one Thar to Wranger conversion, which will set you back by Rs 7 lakhs. The exterior mod includes a new hard top, a new front windscreen, new rear windscreen, new side glasses due to the hard top, a new roll cage, a new bonnet, fenders and side skirts. The grille has been redone and so has the tail lamp cluster. The car now sits on 16″ rims with spacers and has been finished in a custom paint shade. On the inside, there is a new custom dashboard and new seats which has been covered in leather.

R&T Auto

thar wran

R&T has also come up with their iteration of the modified Thar. While the others now have a custom hard top conversion, R&T has decided to stick on with the soft top that originally came with the vehicle. The car now has the new fenders, new side skirts, new tail lamp cluster and new fog lamps. We tried contacting R&T for the official price but there was no response from them regarding the same.

thar wrag 2

Jeep Clinic

Jeep Rubicon based on Mahindra Thar 1

Jeep Clinic is also a company that is known for making custom accessories and parts for various generations of Mahindra Jeeps. They have come up with a conversion for the Thar to look like the Wrangler Rubicon. The vehicle has been done in Kerala and features the whole Jeep conversion. This includes the new front grille with headlamps, new fenders, new lights and tyres as well. The car now gets a custom hard top instead of the soft top which the original vehicle comes with. At the back too, the tail lamp cluster now looks like that on the Wrangler. We tried to contact them regarding the pricing of this conversion, however the company didn’t get back to us.

Mahindra Thar to Jeep Rubicon 4

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