5 BIGGEST reasons for car & motorcycle accidents on India’s city roads, caught on VIDEO

Here’s a video that shows the 5 biggest reasons that causes accidents on city roads. Compiled by Kolkata traffic cops, the video shows a range of accidents caused due to multiple reasons, from overspeeding to not slowing down at intersections. Here, watch it for yourself, and make sure you steer clear from such traffic violations, for it could cost you your life.

Rash Driving

Rash driving without concern for other road users is a major problem on Indian roads. There are far too many rider and drivers who routinely break traffic rules, putting themselves and other road users at great risk. If you ever spot a rashly driven vehicle, note down its registration number and file a complaint with the traffic police. Also, stay as far away as possible from such rashly driven vehicles.


City roads aren’t suitable for speeds over 60 Kph, however tempting and empty such roads may seem. India’s cities are generally overpopulated, making the chance of unexpected surprises on the roads very high. Sticking to the speed limit on city roads, however silly they may seem, is the easiest way of  ensuring your survival and well-being.


Jaywalkers are common on city streets, and it’s the sheer uncertainty of the jaywalker’s response that causes most accidents. When you spot a jaywalker, just slow down or even stop if possible to let her/him cross the road. Trying to quickly get across before the jaywalker passes is recipe for confusion, further leading to disaster.

Jumping traffic lights

Jumping traffic lights is extremely dangerous as it puts vehicles directly in the path of oncoming traffic, most of which is already is at good speed. Almost everyday in Indian cities, there are major crashes caused due to vehicles jumping traffic signals. Always stop at red lights. There are no two things to this.

Wrong turns/way

It’s common for bikers and other smaller traffic to ride/drive on the wrong way of the road. This is another major risk that causes accidents as other road users least expect such vehicles, taking them by total surprise, and often causing crashes.