5 ‘Bodykitted’ Honda Citys that look awesome

The City is the car that brought Honda into the passenger car segment in India. It became more of an aspirational vehicle to own. It was one of the very few mid size sedan’s on sale and it was regarded as a premium offering. In 2013, Honda unveiled the new City since they were facing stiff competition from Hyundai. Here are 5 great looking examples of the 2013 City.

Triple S

city 8

This City is from the Philippines and it looks really nice. It has a loud orange shade which looks very interesting on the car. At the front, there is an all new bumper and grill to resemble the Type-R which looks really aggressive.

The headlamps have been changed and now incorporate LEDs and are smoked. The bumper now has LED strip as well. There is a splitter which has been added to the bumper but looks like it is a part of the bumper. On the side, the fender has been made a little wider to fit the larger rims.

city 7 city 6 city 9

To wrap things up there is a massive spoiler at the back with a new diffuser that now houses quad exhaust tips. The tail lamp cluster has been given the clear look as well.


city 10

NKS is a company in Thailand that designs body kits for various Japanese cars, especially the City and the Civic. These are available in India as well. Their iteration of the City looks very sporty. They have also replaced the front end with a Type-R bumper design and the red Honda logo. The bumper sports two LED DRLs. There is a huge front splitter with side end plates as well.

city 11 city 12 city 13

The sides have a skirting. At the back, there is a big spoiler. The rear bumper has been redesigned and has air vents on each side along with a huge diffuser housing quad exhaust tips. There is a centrally placed LED light on the diffuser as well which is similar to those on the F1 cars.

Kit Up

city 14

This is not as loud a body kit as the others here. The grill is the same as the normal car but has been blacked out. The headlamps now feature LEDs and are projectors instead of the normal halogen ones.  This unit resembles that on the new BMWs. The bumper also has LED inserts above the fog lamp housing.

city 15 city 17 city 16

The bumper has extended inserts now. The rims have been upsized to 16″ ones. The sides have skirting which carries on into the rear of the vehicle. There is a small spoiler at the back. The tail lamps are now clear ones with LEDs. Quad exhaust tips have also been added on but there is no diffuser present. The roof has been painted in a black shade.

Modster Body kit

city 3

This one is also a subtle body kit. The major thing is the fact that the car now sports a custom carbon fibre bonnet which stands out quite a lot. The headlamps have been given a smoked look.

city 1 city 2

The front bumper has a splitter and a LED covering on the fog lamp housing. On the side, there are new skirts which have an orange stripe. At the back, there is a new diffuser with quad exhausts and  an orange stripe as well. The look really suits the car.

Honda body kit

city 18

At the 2016 Auto Expo, Honda had showcased a fully kitted out City with official accessories. The body kit contained new bumper skirts, a vertical LED cluster in the fog lamp housing, a new side skirt, rear skirt and a rear spoiler as well.

city 21

This was done in a move to take on the Ciaz, which now has a RS variant with a full body kit. It also featured black interiors, something that is not available on the Indian version currently. It is interesting to see that the competition is making manufacturers think out of the box to woo customers.

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