5 changes in the new Ford Figo that will help it challenge the Maruti Swift [Video]

Ford certainly gave the industry a big surprise with aggressive pricing for the new Freestyle cross-hatchback last month and this gives us every reason to believe that the new 2018 Ford Figo will carry a mouth watering sticker price. This along with the new add-ons will certainly make it an attractive purchase in the mid-size hatchback market. The updated Ford Figo should be in showrooms by next month or July and with five important changes, will also help it lock horns with the segment leader, the Maruti Swift. Let’s take a look:

Price Revision

The new Freestyle carries a starting price of Rs 5.09 lakh, which is Rs 28,000 less than the current Figo. Now with the Figo hatchback being positioned under its cross hatchback sibling, we expect Ford to price the new 2018 Figo from roughly Rs 4.8 lakh for the base petrol version and Rs 5.8 lakh for the diesel line-up. At these prices, the new Figo will under-cut the Swift, a car that also has a huge waiting period.

5 changes in the new Ford Figo that will help it challenge the Maruti Swift [Video]

New Engine

The new Figo will get the 1.2-litre Dragon series petrol engine that is good for 95 bhp of power and 120 Nm of torque. Clearly, these figures are a lot better than that of the Swift petrol, with the Figo putting out 15% more power. This new engine will make the Figo petrol a hoot to drive both in city limits and on open roads. Though it might not be as efficient as the Swift, the fuel economy of the new engine betters that of the older unit.


The new Figo will get Ford’s updated SYNC3 infotainment system with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, similar to what you get on the Swift. But, the touch reception on the Figo’s unit will be better and the interface also gets Ford’s Emergency Assistance feature. Further, the Figo will get Ford Mykey that allows drivers to set speed warnings, activate a seat belt reminder and limit the car’s top speed among other functions.

5 changes in the new Ford Figo that will help it challenge the Maruti Swift [Video]

Lower running costs

During the launch of the Freestyle, Ford was quite confident of its lower running costs. For the Figo, we expect customers to cough up just 41 paise per km for petrol and 51 paise per km for diesel models over a period of 1,00,000km. These are certainly very low and will help gain customers’ confidence.

S for Surprise and….

We have every reason to believe that Ford will up the ante by offering the S version of the new Figo too. This model not only looks different, it also justifies the Sport tag by offering a sharper steering and a firmer ride for better handling. Enthusiasts looking at owning a (near) 100 bhp hot hatch will surely eye the new Figo.

Here is our quick look at the new Figo in video form. Do check it out –