5 CRAZY car transformations: Everyday to exotic

5 CRAZY car transformations: Everyday to exotic

India is a country where we don’t get a lot of cool cars. Most people are okay with that. However there are a few who aren’t. They simply transform their everyday, normal cars to something super cool. Here are five such cars.

Mercedes to Dodge Charger

trans 4

This is a pretty famous vehicle. Why? Well, it was featured in the Rohit Shetty movie Dilwale which starred SRK, Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan. This car started life as a Mercedes W124 E Class which has had its roof chopped off. The transformation then began to convert it into a Dodge Charger, a car that isn’t available in the Indian market.

The Charger is basically a 4 door muscle car. The car comes with a whole host of engine options, even the crazy 707 Bhp Hellcat version. Engine details on this one are not known exactly but we believe that the company who made it used the old Mercedes engine and gearbox.

trans 5

The whole body has been reworked on, which includes a new bumper, bonnet, lights, spoiler and fenders. Unlike the actual Charger which doesn’t have a drop top version, this one comes with the benefit of one. We must say that the job has been done pretty well. Here’s a picture of the actual car.

trans 6

Contessa to Challenger

trans 1

The Contessa is one car that always had an old school muscle car feel to it, ever since it was introduced in the Indian market. The long bonnet and the fastback design is very similar to what was seen in American muscle cars. There are a lot of modified Contessas across the country. This one though has been pretty well done, especially the conversion from 4 door to 2 doors.

trans 2 trans 3

While this did begin life as a Contessa, it now looks a lot more like the 1970’s Challenger. Since most muscle cars were similar to look at, the owner has just done minor changes in the car to make the conversion. There are new headlamps, new bonnet and grill, a new body shell since the car has been transformed from a 4 door to a 2 door, and feature flared fenders which give it a cool look.

Cedia to Mercedes

trans 10

The Mitsubishi Cedia has always been known as a sporty car to drive. Most of the mods on the Cedia you would see are related to making it go faster and to look sportier. Since the Cedia wasn’t exactly a premium vehicle, this owner thought of giving the car a premium look. So he opted to give it a Mercedes touch.

trans 11

What he has done is to change the grill and incorporate the large logo right in the middle. The headlamp shape resembles that on the S Class and hence there has been no change to the shape of it, but the cluster has been reworked with a new LED DRL and has been smoked.

As opposed to the Cedia being a saloon, this one has had its roof chopped off and is now a convertible at the back. Even the rear end has been given a Mercedes touch with the new tail lamp cluster. Though the mods are subtle, they do manage to transform the look of the car.

Corolla to old school British sports car

trans 7

This vehicle here also featured in the movie Dilwale. The car has undergone a massive transformation from a boring sedan to a fun looking old school British 2-door sports car. The overall length of the vehicle remains the same but the look is all new.

trans 9 trans 8

All body panels have been changed and the boxy Corolla is now a more round and curvy looking vehicle. Finished in the bright red shade, the vehicle certainly looks interesting.

Esteem to Mercedes + Porsche

trans 12

The Esteem has always been a very practical sedan, a tad boring if some may say. To give it a premium and upmarket look, here we have an Esteem that has undergone a make over to look like the Mercedes E-Class up front and the Porsche Boxster at the back.

trans 13

From the front, the owner has certainly got the integration spot on with the car looking just like how the E-Class does. Even though the Esteem is much narrower, the integration has been done really well. At the back, the owner decided that he preferred the Boxster look since the vehicle is a convertible so he decided to style it like a Boxster and overall, the vehicle actually doesn’t look all that bad surprisingly.

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