5 crazy replica cars from India

India sadly doesn’t have much of the car culture that other countries have. It’s mainly down to the fact that most of the iconic cars of the world never made it to India. Those who wanted such cars had to resort to building replicas. Here are 5 such cars.

Mahindra Bolero to Mercedes G-Class

g 1

The Bolero is a rugged vehicle which is mainly bought by the people in rural areas. The main reason behind this is the fact that it is practical, has space, is easy to repair and doesn’t have many electronics on board that can go wrong. This is the main reason why the vehicle has been the most selling UV in the country for a long time now.

However, in the urban area, the Bolero does look a little out of place. Well, this owner has managed to work on that, and has transformed his Bolero into a G-Class. Since the G-Class is also an old school rugged UV, the transformation wouldn’t have been very tough. It is only upfront where the Bolero now resembles the G-Wagen. It has the same grill, headlamps and LED light strip. It also has the indicator lamps on the hood instead on within the headlamp cluster.


The fenders have been flared as well. At the back the owner has opted to go in for the G-Class lights in addition to the normal Bolero tail lamps, and has placed the cluster vertically instead of horizontally. This does make it look a little out of place though. The exhaust position has been changed as well and now goes out from the side like on the actual G-Class.

Toyota Innova to Mercedes R-Class

innnova 1

Though the R-Class was officially on sale in India for sometime, it wasn’t very popular given its pricing. At the Rs 60 lakh mark, people were interested in good looking sedans or SUVs. An MPV was not something they wanted at that price point. But since the R-Class was aspirational for Innova owners, this owner decided he wanted to have his Innova look like the R-Class.

innova 2

The job has been well executed, we must say. The whole front end has been taken from the R-Class, be it the lights, the bonnet, the grill or the bumper. At the back, the tail lamp cluster is also the same as that on the R-Class. The mirrors and the badging have been changed as well. This Innova now looks like the R-Class and continues to have the practicality of the Toyota MPV.



The Shelby Cobra is an iconic vehicle. It was introduced in 1962 and was built for a short period of time only. It was a 2 seater roadster without the option of a roof. The vehicle was initially introduced with a small 2.6 liter Ford engine. Since the car is extremely rare, us Indian’s only had to rely on the replicas.

This particular one is a part of the of the Rajputana car collection. The vehicle is almost an identical replica to the original and has really high end detailing on the inside as well. Power comes from a BMW V8 which is an interesting touch. Another interesting touch is the fact that the owner has opted for a proper roof and the car now features small gullwing doors.

Jaguar D-Type

d 1

The D-Type was one of the most famous race cars from Jaguar. It was built between 1954 and 1957 and won the Le Mans 24 hours race in 1955,56 and 57. The car was built with the intention of racing only and only 53 customer cars were said to have been built. The main plus points of the car were the fact that it had a monocoque and had good aerodynamics as well.

d2 d 3

This replica is from Kolkatta. Where the original vehicle had a massive tail fin, this one misses out on it. The spoiler placed the back as well didn’t come with the original car. From the pictures, it looks like the car featured a 1989 cc petrol engine originially and was built in 1989 as per the plate. The actual car came with either a 3.4 liter straight six or a 3.8 liter unit.

Premier 118 NE to Morgan 1942

morgan 2

The Premier 118 NE sold in India is not something remembered for being exciting or fun. However the base can make for an interesting replica. In this case, the 118 NE is underpinning this beautiful looking Morgan. It is a 1942 Morgan and has been built by hand.

morgan 1

It has a soft top roof and the body has been built out of fibreglass. There is not much information on what engine or drivetrain this car is using but since it is based on the 118 NE, it may be using the same mechanicals.

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