5 CRAZY things that can only be done in a 4X4 SUV like Toyota Fortuner or Mahindra Thar [Video]

In recent years, the term SUV has been abused a lot by the marketing teams of the manufacturers. SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle and it defines a vehicle that can almost anywhere. An SUV must have a 4X4 system and can outrun cars from all other segments on the tricky and bad surfaces. What makes an SUV a true SUV? Well, here are five examples that demonstrate the real powers of an SUV and what they can really do in real life.

Can jump dividers

This is one of the reasons why most law enforcements prefer to use SUVs over any other vehicles. These vehicles can take shortcuts on any road and can take U-Turns by going over the dividers easily. Well, that’s illegal to do but law enforcement agencies on a chase can get their vehicles over dividers and continue to chase. This video shows the new-generation Toyota Fortuner going over the divider followed by a Mahindra Scorpio doing the same!

Climb stairs!

Climbing stairs is not an easy feat. It may look easy on the videos but a car needs enough breakover angle, approach angle and departure angle while going up or coming down a staircase. Climbing stairs can be extremely damaging to the suspension too, which is why a regular car may get damaged. Here is a Mahindra Thar doing the job of climbing the stairs with the utmost ease. There are many such videos involving various cars showing them going up and down the stairs.

Dune bashing

Dune bashing is one of the most extreme things that you can do with a car and be assured that a regular car will get stuck in the sand dunes without going much further. You need a proper 4X4 vehicle to go inside the sand dunes and explore the virgin dunes. There are many videos of 4X4 SUVs going on the sand dunes. Here is the latest Ford Endeavour deep inside the sand dunes of Jaisalmer cruising along without any problem or a hiccup. Well, almost all the 4X4 SUVs with the right tyres can do this stint but none of the 4X2 can do it without getting royally stuck.

Swim through rivers

Crossing rivers can be extremely dangerous and if the vehicle fails in the middle, it can get stuck there. Here is a video of a modified Maruti Suzuki Gypsy crossing through a fast-flowing river in the Himalaya. It is an extremely difficult job to cross and no 4X2 vehicle can do it. It sure requires a lot of skills of the driver to cross such places.

Pull heavy vehicles

SUVs are quite powerful and can pull out other vehicles from tricky situations. Well, here is a Toyota Fortuner helping an Eicher truck to come out of a tricky situation. With 4X4 low ratio, the torque multiples and it can do some really shocking things like this saving a big vehicle. This is one of the many videos where SUVs are shown to be saving big vehicles.