5 CRAZY things people have done with BMW cars in India

BMW is among the oldest and reputed brand in the world. The name BMW is actually the initials of Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works in English. The brand is one of the trinity German brands which includes Mercedes Benz and Audi. In India too, BMW is a revered brand and owning one is a definite sign that you have arrived in life. However, many people are not satisfied in just owning the and unleash their wilder side on the cars. Here are 5 absolutely crazy things people in India have done with BMW vehicles.

Tearing up the roads

BMW cars are mostly famous for the luxury and opulence they offer. They can also be driven in a very sporty way. Seen in this video is an current generation, F30 BMW 3-Series sedan. The car is seen doing doughnuts in what looks like am empty parking lot. bet that 90% of the BMW owners in India would have never dared to do something like this on their rides.

Crazy Off-roading

The BMW X5 is a very plush SUV and offers a great deal of comfort and features along with looking handsome. However, no matter how brute it may look, it is not meant for any serious off road stuff. But, here we see it going all evil and taking on all types of terrain it can. It even manages to get stuck in a situation or two, but gets out with a little help. The X5 is mainly a soft roader and meant to be used on highways and city roads, with some occasional off roading. However, the lack of low ratio gearbox and other off road machinery limits is hardcore off road usage.

Race with Ferrari

The Ferrari 458 Italia is among our personal favorite sports cars. The 562 Bhp producing 4.5 litre naturally aspirated engine is among the best ones made by Ferrari and it was the first car to start the current design language of the Ferrari lineup. On the other hand is a BMW M4, which in itself is an absolutely bonkers sports sedan. So what happens when they both race. Pretty obvious though, the Ferrari being a Ferrari won the race. However, the race was held in live traffic conditions which is very dangerous for everyone on road.

Playing Road Rash on roads

While most of us have enjoyed playing road rash on PC, it was pretty obvious that doing so in the real world would lead to tragic happenings. Well, here is a video which apparently shows some live daredevilry on roads. Apparently, a trio of bikers is going head to head with a BMW M3 in the video. The bike whose rider is filming everything is a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R, which itself is a very powerful bike.

In the video, we see movie style chases, cuts, wheelies and close shaves. Forget 100, the video here is in the league of around 200 kmph per hours. What probably was missing is the pulling out of chains, rod fights and kicks in true road rash style. We advise every sane person out there to not even remotely try and copy these antics, even if you ride wearing a bomb squad suit.

Modify into a Camaro

5 CRAZY things people have done with BMW cars in India

BMW already makes some pretty gorgeous cars. However, there are some who are not satisfied by just owning a premium German marque and go on to sculpt the car of their dream. This one here is a BMW 5-series that has been modified to look like a Chevrolet Camaro. Whether the attempt is successful or not, that’s for you to decide. The mod job has been carried over by Road Rage Custom Builds and there is a lot of body kit slapped on to the stock 5-series.

5 CRAZY things people have done with BMW cars in India

At the front,  a new mesh grille takes the place of BMW’s kidney grille and the front bumper has been redesigned too. The sculpted bonnet with hood scoops takes things further and so does the red and black paint job. The sides carry the same theme with splashes of Red and gorgeous black-red alloy wheels. The interiors are also done in red and black to give them a matching personality. At the rear, we see a redesigned bumper, rear splitter, four exhaust pipes along with wild designer inserts.