5 DC Design-modified compact SUVs: Maruti Brezza to Hyundai Creta

5 DC Design-modified compact SUVs: Maruti Brezza to Hyundai Creta

Dilip Chabbria (DC) is well-known for some crazy car concepts (like the Ambiroad) and luxurious interior kits. Those of you who’ve been following us of late would know that we’ve already featured many of DC’s creations on our website. Today, in this post, we have put together as many as seven compact SUVs that have gone under his scalpel. Our list here includes some really popular cars that have been transformed (some to a large extent) to look nothing like anything else out there. !

Renault Duster

The Renault Duster is one of the most well-recognized compact SUVs around. While it no longer enjoys the kind of popularity it did back in its heydays, the Duster is still among the most competent when it comes to driving dynamics and off-road usage.  A few years ago, DC decided to work his magic on the Duster and came up with a body kit that you can see in the image above. The DC-modified Duster looks a lot more modern, which is mainly due to the new grille and the LED fixtures that take the place of the headlamp. The bummer has been modified to feature pretty large foglamp housings, which are also home to a pair of auxiliary lamps. The modification also brings in a new set of multi-spoke alloy wheels that look more stylish. The exterior has been given a matte black paint job to further spice up the things. Thanks to all the modifications, this Duster ends up looking bolder and more desirable than the regular version. What do you think?

Ford EcoSport

dc modified ford ecosport

The Ford EcoSport is another popular compact SUV that has gone under DC’s scalpel. The EcoSport seen above seems to be modified on the lines of the Renault Duster we’ve just talked about. Similar to the Duster, even the Ford EcoSport gets a sleeker grille and LED fixtures that replace the headlights. The bumper has also been modified to feature a honeycomb mesh instead of the chrome-plated horizontal slates and new fog lamp housings that carry a pair of auxiliary lamps each. While the Duster you saw above has been painted in matte black, this Ecosport here gets a metallic finish for the black paint. Thanks to these modifications, this modified EcoSport ends up looking bolder and slightly sportier than the regular version.

Maruti Gypsy

dc modified maruti gypsy

The car you see in the image above is actually a modified Maruti Gypsy that has been done up by DC design. This car is currently on showcase at the Heritage Car Museum off Gurgaon. However, its claim to fame is that it was featured in the blockbuster movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai. The Gypsy here looks nothing like the regular version. Instead, it gets a much softer design. The exterior body is basically a mix-and-match of bits and prices from many cars. That said, the majority of the panels seem to have been taken from the Maruti 1000. Even the interior features door panels and dashboard of the Maruti 1000.

Maruti Vitara Brezza

brezza 7

Even the Maruti Vitara Brezza has been modified by Dilip Chabbria. Unlike the EcoSport and the Duster you saw earlier, the DC-modified Brezza doesn’t get a black exterior color. Instead, it comes finished in a bright shade of Yellow. The front-end features a new grille and updated headlamps that get new DRLs. The bumper is completely new and sports a larger air dam. It also sports larger foglamp housings that get LED fixtures. Even the rear bumper (not seen in the image above) is new and has a similarly chunky look.

Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta is the current best-seller of its segment. Like other successful compact SUVs we have here, even the Creta has been worked upon by the Indian car design guru, though let’s say the result is open to debate! The Creta gets a completely new bumper and a new grille. The pattern on the grille is similar to what you’ve seen on the Brezza. The bumper features huge foglamp housings. There’s are also many red accents at the front and on the side skirts. The 5-spoke alloys are new and look sportier.