5 different types of Toyota Fortuners for 5 kinds of people

The Fortuner is a very popular vehicle. When news about the new one came along, people decided to hold their decision. This one has very strong brand loyalists. Here are 5 different types of Fortuners for 5 different types of people. This should help make your choice easy.

The City Slicker

Variant: 4×2 petrol automatic


If you are the sort of person whose only drive is a short office commute, the petrol automatic is the one to opt for. Why? Being a petrol, it is refined which means that cabin noise will be in check. Being an automatic, driving it won’t be very tough and since usage isn’t much, the extra fuel bill won’t hurt either.

The other advantage is that it emits lower emissions and you will be able to keep the car for a longer period of time (15 years ) as opposed to the 10 years if you get the diesel if you reside in Delhi NCR. The petrol engine in question is a 2.7 liter unit which makes 164 Bhp and 245 Nm which is fairly adequate for the city. If your car is just going to be in the city mainly, you can also order a sporty looking TRD kit online and make your city ride one of a kind.

The budget minded

Variant: 4×2 diesel manual

2016 Toyota Fortuner SUV 6

If you are the sort who is not concerned about paying the money outright to buy the car but are more concerned about the fuel bills, the diesel manual is the one to go for. Why? It is priced at Rs 27.52 lakhs ex showroom which is equivalent to the petrol auto.

The advantage here is that your fuel bill will be lower and hence you will be happy. The diesel is the 2.8 liter unit which makes 174.5 Bhp and 420 Nm in manual guise. This has enough grunt to keep you happy and will be efficient as well.

The mile muncher

Variant: 4×2 diesel automatic


If you are the sort who travels a lot, within the city and occasional trips on the highway, the 4×2 automatic makes a lot of sense. Why? Being an automatic, city driving will be a breeze.

Being a diesel, the long distance commute will not hurt your wallet either. If you don’t intend on actually going off-road, this one makes a lot of sense. It is priced at Rs 29.14 lakhs ex showroom Delhi.


Variant: 4×4 diesel manual

2016 Toyota Fortuner SUV 13

If you are buying a Fortuner with the idea of taking it off-road, the 4wd manual is the one to go for. True blue off-roaders prefer having a manual 4wd to make sure they are always in control and hence this one is the one to go for.

Prices for this one start at Rs 30 lakhs ex showroom Delhi. Since you are looking at hard core off-roading, you can also look at other mods for the Fortuner like an off-road bumper or a snorkel as shown below.


Variant: 4×4 diesel automatic


The most expensive Fortuner, the 4wd automatic is the one to go for if you have the budget and if your requirement includes an off-road vehicle, one that is easy to drive in the city, easy on the highway and frugal as well. Yes, at Rs 31.12 lakhs ex showroom Delhi, it is on the expensive side.

However, it is the do-it-all vehicle. The 2.8 liter on the automatic version produces 174.5 Bhp and 450 Nm, 30 more than the manual variant. In addition to that, the autobox also comes with paddle shifters which are a breeze to use.

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