5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Custom Motorcycles – Part II

Snapshot – Bike customization is big in India, and motorcycles from Royal Enfield are the most preferred lot for those who want their rides to stand out. Here’s part II of 5 beautifully modified Royal Enfield motorcycles. In case you missed Part I, hit this link.

Jackie Shroff’s ‘The Skeletor’ from Vardenchi Customs

Vardenchi Customs' Skeletor 2

[Images courtesy Vardenchi Customs on Facebook]

Actor Jackie Shroff commissioned Akshay Varde’s Vardenchi Customs to build a very unique looking custom motorcycle based on the Royal Enfield AVL engined Bullet. The result was the Skeletor, a motorcycle that turned out to be an absolute stunner.

Vardenchi Customs' Skeletor 1

True to its name, the Skeletor shows a metal skeleton shaped to form a motorcycle. This is one machine that Nicholas Cage can use for the next iteration of Ghost Rider.

8 Ball, Bobber by Rajputana Customs

Rajputana Customs' 8 Ball, Bobber 1

[Images courtesy Rajputana Customs on Facebook]

The 8 Ball, Bobber from Rajputana Customs is built around the 350cc unit construction engine, and used a modified Electra frame. The donor motorcycle is a Royal Enfield Electra. The Bobber is a single seat boulevard cruiser meant to be brought out for a leisurely ride around town on a breezy saturday afternoon.

Rajputana Customs' 8 Ball, Bobber 2

Fat tyres and a raked front end give the 8 Ball, Bobber Harley Davidsonesque looks. The motorcycle costs about 2 lakh rupees to put together, and this is excluding the cost of the donor bike.

Bulleteer Customs’ Streetrod Kattana

Bulleteer Customs' Street Rod Kattana 1

[Images courtesy Bulleteer Customs on Facebook]

Bangalore based Bulleteer Customs builds custom motorcycles based on Royal Enfields. The custom motorcycle outfit prides itself on building everyday motorcycles that look swell and that are comfortable to use. The Streetrod build catapulted the custom bike maker into the limelight, what with its founder riding all the way from Bangalore to Goa, to attend the Rider Mania.

Bulleteer Customs' Street Rod Kattana 4

This ride demonstrated the Streetrod’s everyday usability and sharp handling. The latest version of the Streetrod, dubbed the Kattana, is build around a 500cc unit construction engine. The motorcycle looks very edgy, deriving inspiration from the Suzuki Katana of yore. The front is especially fetching to look at, with a Darth Vader-like headlamp that houses twin projectors.

Rajputana Customs’ Light Foot board tracker

Rajputana Customs' Light Foot 1

[Images courtesy Rajputana Customs on Facebook]


Actor John Abraham commissioned Rajputana Customs to build him a board track racer based on the Royal Enfield UCE500 platform. Dubbed the Light Foot, minimalism is the name of the game on this build. The Light Foot looks light and is actually lighter than stock Royal Enfield motorcycles. Shorn of unnecessary clutter, the motorcycle uses a girder suspension up front, in line with the board track racing theme. A single leather seat, rear set footpegs and clip-on handlebars add to the board tracker looks of this motorcycle.

Mean Green Customs’ Royal Enfield Nevermore 350 Chopper

Mean Green Customs' Nevermore 350 1

[Images courtesy Mean Green Customs on Facebook]

Mean Green Customs of Bombay have used a 350cc unit construction engine and a modified Royal Enfield frame to come up with the Nevermore. The Nevermore 350, according to its customizers, is a stealth motorcycle with minimalist and edgy design cues dominating the theme.

Mean Green Customs' Nevermore 350 2


The resultant is a sharp motorcycle, literally and figureatively. The Nevermore 350 chopper seats one, and gets an all-black paint finish with the headlamp finished in yellow. Lighter than stock, this custom build sits lower and is quite a looker.

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