5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles – Part VII

Motorcycles from Royal Enfield are a big draw in the custom circuit. Large, heavy and retro looking, these bikes lend themselves very well to custom builds. Why, we’ve already covered no less than 30 Royal Enfield custom motorcycles in our 6 part series. And there’s more to come. With that let’s jump right into the 7th part of 5 droolworthy Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Rajputana Customs’ Gulail

5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles – Part VII

[Images courtesy Rajputana Customs on Facebook]

Rajputana Motorcycle Customs of Jaipur put together the Gulail for Trivikram Singh, and this custom build was even showcased at the India Bike Week of 2013. The motorcycle is a bobber and is built around a 350cc, unit construction four stroke petrol engine. The loving attention to detail on this custom machine is an ode to Rajputana Customs’ bike buildling skills. Apart from the engine, virtually everything on this bike has been custom built, and it shows.  Long, low and brassy, the Gulail is art on two wheels.

Karman Designs’ Bobber

5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles – Part VII

[Images courtesy Karman Design on Facebook]

Karman Designs of Delhi have put together a Bobber based on a well used 1985 Royal Enfield Std 350 cast iron Bullet. The motorcycle’s 350cc cast iron lump is retained and so is the case with the single downtube frame. Everything else on this motorcycle is custom built, right from the fuel tank to the fenders, and the exhaust. The wire wheels particularly stand out as a gorgeous bit of detail on this custom ride. The exhaust is a straight through pipe that’s loud while the disc brake up front is one allowance towards modernity.

Dochaki Designs’ Cobra scrambler

5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles – Part VII

[Images courtesy Dochaki on Facebook]

Dochaki Designs of Pune have given the Thunderbird Twinspark a new take. The cruiser has been modified into a scrambler that can take the rough with the smooth. This change also gives the motorcycle a brand new dimension, adding to its touring capabilities. Alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, a flatter handlebar, twin headlamp with an LED beam, a raised seat, custom built fuel tank, fenders and panels, and a revised exhaust are the changes on this custom bike. All these changes come together to make for a motorcycle that looks like a scrambler.

Young Kid Customs’ Royal Enfield CI Cafe Racer

5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles – Part VII

[Images courtesy Young Kids Custom’s on Facebook]

Young Kid Customs of Delhi have revived a 1985 Royal Enfield Bullet by giving this motorcycle the cafe racer treatment. The theme is minimalist. So, many heavy bits have been discarded to make the custom build leaner than a stock Bullet, which can be quite porky at about 170 kilos dry. The casquette, which itself weighs about 6.5 Kgs, makes way for a regular headlamp. Likewise, the side panels have been ditched. Fatter tyres, upside down front forks, a flat seat that can seat two, clip on handlebars and a disc brake up front are other changes.

Lone Wolf Custom’s AVL350 Bobber

5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles – Part VII

[Images courtesy TheBikeShed]

Lone Wolf Customs of Calicut has built a bobber based on the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 with the AVL engine. The custom build is a clean design with little fluff. The swing arm gets longer by 3 inches while the front wheel is a 19 incher. To give the motorcycle a better stance, an 18 inch rear wheel comes in. Custom mudguards, a flat handlebar, kicked out foot pegs and a lovely looking single seat are the other changes on this motorcycle. This motorcycle was built for a friend of Fahim Rehman, the founder of Lone Wolf Customs.