5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles – Part VII

In part VII of our ‘5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles’, we feature 5 more Royal Enfields that look drop dead gorgeous. Four of these motorcycles have been put together in India, while the fifth one, as always, is from a custom shop from abroad. While Royal Enfields are super popular in India, these retro motorcycles have a niche set of buyers in many countries around the world.

Rajputana Custom’s Kaali

Rajputana Customs' Kaali 1

[Images courtesy Rajputana Customs on Facebook]

The Kaali by Rajputana Customs is an old school chopper build centered around the 500cc unit construction engine. Low, low and with impeccable attention to detail, the Kaali features a matte gray paint finish. Apart from the engine, virtually everything about the Kaali is custom built.

Rajputana Customs' Kaali 5

The motorcycle features old school springer shock absorbers, spoked wheels with a tall front tyres and a short but massive rear tyre. Another key change on the bike is the custom frame that gives the impression of a backbone running across the entire motorcycle.

Bull City Customs’ Mono Scrambler

Bull City Customs' Scrambler Custom 1

[Images courtesy Bull City Customs on Facebook]

The big torque that Royal Enfield’s low revving motors generate make them ideal for Scrambler builds. Bull City Customs’ Mono Scrambler is one such ride that uses an AVL pre-unit construction engine. Displacing 500cc, this motor makes over 40 Nm of peak torque. Bull City Customs has given the Scrambler mono shock suspension at the rear while the front is suspended by upside down forks. A custom fuel tank, seat, a scrambler style exhaust and an upright riding stance are other features of this build.

The Himalayan Outlaw by Sergey Egorov

Sergey Egorov's Himalayan Outlaw Custom 1

[Images courtesy PipeBurn]

Sergey Egorov has put together the Himalayan Outlaw, a custom build based around the 350cc cast iron engine of the Royal Enfield Electra.

Sergey Egorov's Himalayan Outlaw Custom 2

This motor uses a 5 speed manual gearbox operating from a left mounted shifter, and is one of the newest Cast Iron engines to roll out of the Royal Enfield factory, which now only makes unit construction engines. The Himalayan Outlaw gets the traditional Bobber stance, with bits and bobs borrowed from the Harley Davidson Sportster.

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Bulleteer Customs’ Murcielago 540

Bulleteer Customs' Murcielago 540 Custom 1

[Images courtesy BulleteerCustoms on Facebook]

Bulleteer Customs’ Murcielago 540 is a motorcycle that gets the cruiser treatment. And like all custom builds coming out of Bulleteer Customs, this build is meant to be an everyday motorcycle that can hold its own in the city, and on the highway.

Bulleteer Customs' Murcielago 540 Custom 4


The motorcycle is built around the unit construction engine. Alloy wheels at both ends with stickier and wider rubber is standard. Custom body work, a bright orange paint job to make for the Lamborghini connection, and mean looking twin projectors up front make for the other details.

TNT Motorcycles’ Zeena

TNT Motorcycles' Zeena Royal Enfield Custom 5

[Images courtesy TNT Motorcycles on Facebook]

The Zeena custom motorcycle from TNT Motorcycles is built around the Royal Enfield unit construction engine. The custom motorcycles is a chopper in a dragster’s package.

TNT Motorcycles' Zeena Royal Enfield Custom 4

Wide handlebars, kicked out foot pegs and an single seat design with sharp body bits characterize this custom job. A massive rear tyre that’s spoked sits behind a monoshock rear with a custom swing arm. Up front you have the upside down forks and an unique fairing, giving the motorcycle a sporty look and feel.

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