5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles – Part VIII

This is part VIII of “5 droolworthy Royal Enfield custom motorcycles”, and bike builders around India continue to churn out the good stuff. While we have a few more editions coming up, here are 5 interesting customs based around the retro Royal Enfield range.

Bull City Customs’ Thunderbird based cafe racer

Bull City Customs' Thunderbird Cafe Racer 6

[Images courtesy Bull City Customs on Facebook]

The AVL engined Royal Enfield Thunderbird was meant to represent freedom of the open road. Its cruiser styling afforded hours of comfort on the highway, and a cafe racer conversion is taking the Thunderbird to the other side of the world.

Bull City Customs' Thunderbird Cafe Racer 5


This is precisely what Bull City Customs have done with a 350cc Thunderbird AVL, which is now a single seater. The frame gets modified even as the foot pegs stay where they originally were. The handlebars are clip-ons while the headlamps are aggressive looking, dual barrel units.

Rajputana Custom Motorcycles’ Nawab

Rajputana Customs' Nawab 1

[Images courtesy Rajputana Customs on Facebook]

The Nawab is a Royal Enfield Machismo AVL 350, with Rajputana Customs’ classy minimalist design. The custom motorcycle sits in a Bobber design. Upside down front forks, an extended swing arm, a lovely matt grey paint finish strategically overlaid with glossy gold, chunky MRF Meteor tyres and clip-on handlebars are the design highlights that come together rather well. The bike also features a detachable pillion seat, and that explains the footpegs for the pillion.

Hazan Motorworks’ Musket V-Twin

Hazan Motorworks' Musket 3

[Images courtesy Hazan Motorworks on Facebook]

Aniket Vardhan created the Musket V-Twin, by putting together two 500cc, cast-iron barrels of the Bullet. Hazan Motorworks built a custom ride around this engine. Called the Hazan Musket, this motorcycle is chrome and iron, in bespoke fashion. From the walnut finish for the seat and kick starter, to the springer front suspension and the massive tyres, this motorcycle is art on two wheels. A custom frame holds the engine and the rest of the bike together, while the exhaust pipes themselves are works of art.

XLNC Customs’ Pegasus

XLNC Customs' Pegasus 5

[Images courtesy XLNC Customs on Facebook]

XLNC Custom’s Pegasus is a motorcycle that is an unabashed cruiser, which looks a little like a tribute to the iconic Harley Davidson Fat Boy. The bike has a UCE500 four stroke engine and the stock Royal Enfield frame. Beyond this, the custom job kicks in. The front suspension gets raked while the footpegs are placed way ahead, all in an effort to get the cruiser effect right. The fuel tank, mudguards, side cowls and the paint job are custom bits on this bike. Alloy wheels and disc brakes on both ends complete the custom.

Vardenchi Customs’ Valoroso

Vardenchi Customs' Valoroso 3

[Images courtesy Vardenchi Customs]

The Valoroso from Vardenchi Customs is a chopper that uses the UCE500 engine. Everything about this motorcycle is custom built, except the engine and the frame that it sits in. The Valoroso looks like a Harley Davidson Fat Boy when viewed side on, but that familiarity is dispatched when the headlamp comes into full focus.

Vardenchi Customs' Valoroso 1


Vardenchi has added a little parking light to the headlamp nacelle, and this makes the Valoroso stand apart. Kicked out foot pegs, an extended swing arm and CNG cut alloy wheels are details straight out of the chopper universe.