5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles - Part IX

5 Droolworthy Royal Enfield Motorcycles – Part X

This side of the pond if there’s a bike that can be termed a favourite among custom bike makers, then Royal Enfield Bullet has to be it. Continuing with our quest to find the best-looking Royal Enfield custom, we take a look at 5 more examples of beautifully modified RE bikes.

Rajputana Custom Motorcycle’s Aghori


One of the early builds, the Aghori was one of the simplest, too. Based on a 500cc Royal Enfield, the Aghori features custom body panels, wide-spread tall handlebar, a monoshock suspension at the rear, and bespoke exhaust. The trademark Rajputana style of adding flair to simple designs works brilliantly here, and the same goes for the airbrushing artwork on the tank and side panels.

(Photo courtesy: RCM)

Möto’s NSK tribute


NSK stands for Nelson Suresh Kumar, known as the Godfather of the custom Royal Enfield culture in UAE. The bike made by Dubai-based möto is a well-detailed custom that doesn’t just stand out but because of its striking Scrambler-like design but also because of its intricate details. Of all the changes, the most unique thing is the tank, which was once a Honda unit. Sitting on 18-inch wheels, the bike might not have the best looking front-end but it certainly goes well with the rest of it. Bits made of aluminium, steel, and leather complete the package.

(Photo courtesy: Bike EXIF)

Hind Ki Rani

Hind Ki Rani custom Bullet

If the Aghori was about keeping it simple yet charismatic, the möto’s custom about details, the Hind Ki Rani is all about engraved designs. Based on the ’94 Standard 500, the Hind Ki Rani is a creation of Dubai-based Marco Moller. From the engraved metal on the engine case to the beautiful design of the single seat, the bike is a fitting example of why you shouldn’t leave an artist with anything that resembles a flat canvas, because as in this case, he’s going to end up carving a design on it, and a niche for himself.

(Photo courtesy: CarbonOctane)

Café Racer


There are a plenty of good-looking café racers based on Royal Enfields, and the one the company sells – the Continental GT – is one of their nicest products, as well. But before the Madras-based company launched the Continental GT, a Mumbai-based custom bike maker called Mustaq Gourh made one, matched closely to the Conti in terms of design. Based on ’93 Standard 350, the bike features a single seat, rear-set footpegs, a 20-litre fuel tank, and an interesting combination of an alloy wheel up front and a spoke rim at the rear. And while it may not have brilliant Harris-engineered frame underneath, this Café Racer is one special bike.


(Photos courtesy: 350cc)

Royal McQueen SuperNaag

Royal McQueen SuperNaag

The Royal Enfield Himalayan might still be a few month away from its launch, but Italy-based Royal McQueen’s SuperNaag is something like that, but more evocative, surely. Based on an Electra 500, the bike successfully tries to offer ‘the charm of 70s enduro motorcycles’, and just needs a slightly chunkier rear tyre, doesn’t it?

Royal McQueen SuperNaag


(Photo courtesy: Bike EXIF)