5 easy style tweaks to make your budget car really stand apart

Building a car that’s a design icon may need a Giorgetto Giugiaro or a Jonathan Ward. To make your regular budget hatchback stand out from the crowd though, you don’t really need these gentlemen. A few easy style tweaks is all it takes, and we’re profiling them for you today.

Alloy wheels

Skoda Rapid Custom 3

[Image courtesy BCMTouring]

A set of alloy wheels can really transform a car’s looks and stance. Available in a wide range of colours, finishes and prices, alloy wheels are usually the first upgrade that enthusiasts resort to after buying a car. While choosing one, ensure that you pick out a reputed brand that makes strong alloy wheels. Chinese makes need to be avoided. Meanwhile here are some examples of how alloy wheels make cars look classy.

A Volkswagen Polo with lovely alloy wheels


A Volkswagen Polo with a partial wrap

[Image courtesy IDE Autoworks on Facebook]

Partial or total wraps can really make a car stand out from the crowd. Partial wraps aren’t very expensive and can be removed as and when the owner wants to revert to the car’s stock looks. Full wraps, while being more expensive, can also be removed as and when required. Since we’re looking at easy modifications, a partial wrap suits this story. Here are a couple of cars that have been partially wrapped.

A Honda Civic with a partial wrap

[Image courtesy IDE Autoworks on Facebook]

Decals and GT stripes

India Spec Fiat Punto Abarth 2
A Punto Abarth with flank decals


[Image courtesy AutocarIndia]

Decals are a simple way to add a sporty character to a car. The upcoming Punto Abarth is a telling example of how decals can really jazz up a car’s exteriors. In the same vein, GT stripes can also add a lot of character to virtually any car they adorn. GT stripes consist of a couple of stripes stickered onto the length of the car, usually from the bonnet onwards, through the roof and all the way to the boot/hatch lid.

A Skoda Rapid with GT stripes and decals
A Skoda Rapid with GT stripes and decals


Body kits

Autologue Design's Nissan Micra with wide body kit
Autologue Design’s Nissan Micra with wide body kit

Body kits consist of bumper attachments and side skirts that makes a car sit lower, cosmetically though. A body kit also includes a boot/hatch lid spoiler as another sporty attachment. For those who want to make their cars sporty, a body kit is a nice investment to make. The one pictured above is from Autologue Design, and one that transforms the cutesy Nissan Micra to something much more meaner.

Contrast roof

Maruti Suzuki Swift with a Contrast Roof

A contrast roof essentially involves painting the roof of the car in a contrast colour, one that adds a new design element onto the car, taking it close to the Mini Coopers and Range Rover Evoques of this world. The easiest way to go about doing this is by getting the roof wrapped in the contrast colour of your choice. Cream, white and black are three popular, aesthetically pleasing options. While at it, you can also use the contrasting colour on the wing mirrors.