5 fast, affordable cars for 2016

There are 5 very fast, yet relatively affordable cars coming your way in 2016. If you want performance on a budget, you’re at the right place.

Maruti Baleno Turbo

Baleno Sport

[Image courtesy TheophilusChin]

The Baleno is lighter than every other car in its segment. Why, the car’s even lighter than the Swift, despite being larger. The engineers at Maruti Suzuki want the Baleno to be the fastest, affordable hatchback in the country. So, they’ve decided to turbo it into hot hatch territory. The Baleno will gain a 1 liter-3 cylinder BoosterJet turbo petrol engine, good for 120 Bhp-170 Nm. The ultra light package that the Baleno is, the car’s likely to dunk under the 9 second mark in the 0-100 Kph sprint.

Fiat Linea Abarth

Fiat Linea Abarth

Fiat’s begun testing the Linea with the 1.4 liter T-Jet petrol engine in “Abarth” state of tune. Enter the Linea by Abarth, a car that promises to be the fastest C-Segment sedan of the country. The Honda City and the Volkswagen Vento TSI will have to watch out for the Italian is on the prowl. The Linea by Abarth is expected to get the same tune as the Avventura by Abarth, with the T-Jet motor getting a larger turbo and a remap to bump up power and torque outputs to 140 Bhp and 210 Nm. Fiat’s likely to price the more powerful Linea very competitively.

Volkswagen compact sedan

Volkswagen Vento CS



Volkswagen will add a compact sedan to its line up this year, and the car will essentially be a saloon version of the Polo. 1.2 liter TSI turbo petrol and 1.5 liter TDI turbo diesel engines are likely. Enthusiasts would love the prospect of the 1.2 liter TSI motor (103 Bhp-175 Nm) and the 7 speed twin clutch automatic gearbox with its blazingly fast gear shifts. The compact sedan will make its debut at the 2016 Auto Expo, and is expected to go on sale soon after. Oh, and Volkswagen can easily tune the 1.5 liter TDI turbo diesel engine to put out 103 Bhp-250 Nm.

Tata Hexa


400 Nm is a lot of torque, and the Hexa will get just that. The 2.2 liter Varicor turbo diesel engine has already been tuned to put out this number on the Safari Storme. The same engine will make it to the Hexa, Tata Motors’ flagship vehicle that’ll soon be launched. 6 speed manual and automatic gearboxes will be on offer. The party trick will be a Land Rover-esque Terrain Response system for the four wheel drive mechanism. The Hexa will seat 7. In other words, it’ll be a train on the road.

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Volkswagen Polo GTI

The Punto Abarth stole the Polo’s thunder last year. It won’t be long before Wolfsburg has its retribution. The Polo GTI is the name, and the car’s expected to use a 1.8 liter TSI turbo petrol engine to demolish the Punto Abarth’s acceleration time and top speed. In India, the Volkswagen group already offers the 1.8 TSI turbo petrol engine in the likes of the Skoda Octavia and Superb. Internationally, the Polo GTI sells with this engine. So, it should be a relatively simple swap for the German car making behemoth. It’s a good time to be a car nut in India.


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