5 Ford cars that you may have forgotten about

Many people might not be aware of this fact but the American automotive giant Ford Motor Company entered India back in 1926 as a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company of Canada. However, since then the company has gone back and forth a few times before finally calling it quits in 2021. The automaker for the time it remained in the country was known for its iconic vehicles that had amazing build quality. It launched several models in the Indian subcontinent and a few were extremely successful, although some did not gain as much popularity as they should have. So today, we are bringing to you the list of vehicles from Ford India’s products lineup that you might have forgotten about. We promise that these cars will take you back in time. Without any further ado, lets jump right into it.

Ford Escort

5 Ford cars that you may have forgotten about

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Ford’s first vehicle to be introduced to the Indian market was the sixth generation of its internationally popular sedan Escort. The car was introduced in 1995 in India and was abandoned in 2001. However, it helped Ford India in making a mark in the country as it intended. The Escort was offered in both a petrol and a diesel engine. There was plenty of room available, including a large boot and a respectable feature list. It was equipped with air conditioning, a music system, power steering, and power windows for the front passengers. The exterior rearview mirrors could also be adjusted electrically. Back it was a highly advanced feature.

Ford Mondeo

5 Ford cars that you may have forgotten about

Following its success with the Escort and its other highly popular model the Ikon in India, Ford made the decision to engage in hostilities with German automakers in 2004. In order to compete with the Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and BMW 3 Series of the time, Ford introduced the luxury sedan Mondeo in India. It was powered by a 2.0-liter diesel engine with a maximum output of 128 bhp; a 2.0-liter petrol engine with a maximum output of 142 bhp was also available. Although due to the high price tag, the model did not fare well and it India and could not rival the Germans as they hoped. So Ford took the executive decision of pulling the plug on Mondeo in 2006.

Ford Fiesta S

5 Ford cars that you may have forgotten about

You might be wondering that why is the Fiesta on this list, it was already a successful car in the country. To that we would say that we are talking about the Fiesta S. The more sportier, aggressive and agile iteration of this fun sedan. Ford introduced the Fiesta S in an attempt to lure in the more enthusiastic drivers of the country, however the car was quite ahead of its time and it had a very niche segment. The result of this was lackluster sales. The Fiesta S came equipped with a 1.6L petrol engine that generated around 101 bhp and 146 Nm of torque respectively.

Ford Fiesta Facelift

5 Ford cars that you may have forgotten about

Yet again we have another Fiesta on this list and this time its the facelifted model. Ford introduced the completely renovated Fiesta in 2014 in an attempt to resurrect the aging moniker. The new model boasted a hexagonal grille that appeared to have been inspired from an Aston Martin along with other major design changes. However the new redesign of the vehicle did not resonate with the buyers and many began to compare it to the pre-facelift Fiesta, which was far more attractive than the facelifted Fiesta. The updated model’s slim headlights and bodywork made it seem bulbous. Hence it also failed pretty badly.

Ford Fusion

5 Ford cars that you may have forgotten about

Ford attempted to become more creative with its model lineup in the country and in 2004 introduced the Fusion. The vehicle was the first crossover in India and many people even believe it was the first compact SUV as well. Ford Fusion had the appearance of a large hatchback. It was a roomy car with a sizable trunk. It had a 1.6-liter gasoline engine and a 1.4-liter diesel engine. However despite being a quirky new car that offered the fun of a hatchback and an SUV, it too did not live up to expectations of the company and the buyers and was discontinued after six years in production.

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