5 GORGEOUS car transformations from DC Design: Hindustan Ambassador to Mitsubishi Lancer

5 GORGEOUS car transformations from DC Design: Hindustan Ambassador to Mitsubishi Lancer

DC Design has been getting some flak right here for building very ugly cars. To be fair to the Indian design house, run by Dilip Chhabria, it has also come up with some interesting designs over the years. Many of these have transformed cars beautifully. Today, we look at 5 beautiful car transformations from DC Design.




While the Avanti pushed DC into sportscar maker territory, it was the Infidel that started it all. A sportscar based on the Toyota MR2, the Infidel looks little like the car it’s based on. While it retains the mid engined layout, the exteriors have been completely redone. The Infidel ends up looking supercar-ish and rides on 19-inch alloy wheels. Also see – 10 ghastly looking cars from DC Design



Few would believe that the Vampire convertible is actually a Daewoo Cielo, a car that was sold in India during the 1990s. The Vampire established DC Design’s credentials as a company that can really transform a car into something that’s never been seen before. Also see – 5 best DC car designs in recent times




In 2003, DC Design built a convertible based on the Ford Ikon, a C-Segment sedan that was one of the sportier offerings in its segment. The Ikoncept, painted in bright yellow, is a mix of sharp and curvy lines. The Blue Oval that DC retained was the only Ford connection that this two seat convertible has. Also see – 10 interesting custom cars from DC



The instantly recognizable Ambassador was given a stunning transformation by DC Design. The end result was called the Ambierod. A hunkered down stance, gull wing doors and completely redesigned interiors were few of the highlights of the car. However, the Classic Ambassador shape came through in the Ambierod’s design. Also see – 5 cars messed up by DC Design


The Gaia is another creation that catapulted DC Design into the limelight, and for the right reasons. The Gaia was based on the Mitsubishi Lancer, and the final design of the concept bears little resemblance to the Japanese sedan, which was quite successful in its time. Also see – 5 more cars messed up by DC Design