5 gorgeously modified Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles:: Cruisers to cafe racers

5 gorgeously modified Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles: Cruisers to cafe racers

Bajaj Pulsar has been one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the country. The Pulsar range offers a wide range of motorcycles, which means the buyers can choose exactly as per the requirements. The Pulsars have always been high on performance and features. However, there are some who choose to extract even more out of their steeds. Here’s a look 5 gorgeously modified Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles that are really highly desirable.

The Alpha – a modified Pulsar 220

modified bajaj pulsar 220


‘The Alpha’ is a modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 that comes from Chhattisgarh-based The Custom House. The streetfighter gets a lot many changes, all of which come together to make this bike look just too bold and attractive. The Alpha gets minor performance tweaks such as a K&N performance filter. However, the modified P220’s exhaust and suspension give it a unique appearance. This modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 gets a girder type front suspension. The exhaust is also new and the exhaust canister is situated near the front wheel! The rear suspension gets a monoshock arrangement.

Brat Style modified Pulsar 220

Well, ‘brat style’ isn’t any type/genre of motorcycles. Actually, there is a mod shop in Japan which has a unique way of styling its bike. These bikes became famous as ‘brat style’ bikes as they look rather intimidating. The Pulsar 220 you see above has been modified on the same lines. The engine block, the rim, and the front suspension have been carried over from the original motorcycle. Everything else is new and has been fabricated to give the 220 the ‘brat style’ format. The highlights include the oval-shaped petrol tank with a chrome cap, new frame, new swingarm with monoshock, and a new handlebar that has some great detailing work and metal switches. This is the only brat-style Pulsar in entire India.

Cafe Tracker modified Pulsar 150

modified bajaj pulsar

Based on a Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi, this Café Tracker gets a fat front tire, which is actually a rear tire that has been put in use at the front. The modified Pulsar retains the original front forks and wheels. The front mudguard has been removed to give a rugged look. The bikini fairing makes way for a round headlamp while the original tank has been replaced with a bulbous red-painted one. The rear also gets a monoshock setup. Other highlights include a long chrome-plated swingarm and a flat single-seat arrangement.

Phantom – a modified Pulsar 180 bobber

modified bajaj pulsar

Seen here is a modified Pulsar 180 that has been given the Bobber format. This motorcycle looks nothing like a regular P180 as the customizers have given it a completely different look. They have taken a minimalist approach towards the design. You get a blue-colored fuel tank, a leather-covered single-seat, and spoke wheels. The end-can has been removed and the front disc brake comes from the Avenger.

Black Marlin – a modified Bajaj Pulsar 180 Cafe Racer


Here is another Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi that has gone under the scalpel of Indian motorcycle customizers. The Black Marlin gets a Cafe Racer look. The customizer says that this motorcycle ‘looks, feels, and even revs’ like a typical Cafe Racer. The first half of the original frame has been left intact while the rear has been chopped-off for a flat-seat look. The fuel tank is also new and is less roundish and flatter. The rear gas-filled shock absorbers have been inverted. Stock alloy wheels make way for spoke wheels. There’s also a custom exhaust, new rear view mirrors, and wider tires.

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