5 gorgeously MODIFIED Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a unique product. It is the most affordable adventure bike in the Indian market, but as it is a Royal Enfield, there are many customisation options available with the Himalayan. Here are top five modification jobs based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan.


This is an official customisation work commissioned by Royal Enfield to Sinroja Motorcycles. The motorcycle was showcased at the 2017 Wheels and Waves Festival held in France where it became a major attraction. In this mod job, the Himalayan has lost its bold and brawny characteristics completely to become a good-looking gentleman’s ride. The bike gets a new handlebar, new seat and a new exhaust.

The bike also gets 16-inch rims with spokes, fatter profile tyres with white painted walls and a grey paint scheme. The suspension system of the bike has been upgraded too. The bike gets a front petal disc and a radially mounted calliper.


This Royal Enfield Himalayan has been transformed into a scrambler and looks extremely good. The custom job has been done by Grid7 Customs. For the mod job, the chassis of the bike has been altered slightly. New parts like a new custom tank, modified under-seat body panels and customised handmade leather seat have been added too.

The bike also gets a new twin headlamp set-up, customised tail lamp section, new instrument cluster and repositioned turn indicators. To enhance the performance, a new customised exhaust has been added too. The tyres have been upgraded to new wider ones and the rims have been upgraded too. The whole set-up is finished in a new red paint scheme that makes sure no one misses the bike even on crowded roads.

Salt Flat Tracker

Inline3 Customs have modified a Royal Enfield into something very unique. The salt-flat racer inspired Himalayan is like no other in the country. The modder has worked extensively to change the identity of the motorcycle completely. The new motorcycle sits lower than the Himalayan because of an all-new chassis. The bodywork has been done away with, and the motorcycle gets an aluminium body.

The front forks have been replaced with a customised triple tree with gunmetal studs. The bike also gets clip-on handlebars. The whole new set-up has resulted in the loss of 20 kg from the motorcycle. The motorcycle also loses the seat and gets an aluminium sheet in place. There is no instrument console in the final product. The tyres have been upgraded to Firestone slick tyres.

Mad Max

Here is another modification job based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan and this one looks quite aggressive. The bike has received a range of new accessories and components. The headlamp unit has been updated with a new full-LED set-up. The mudguard has been updated and it also gets a new windscreen.

The seat is new and gets a hand-formed form for more comfort and a single-piece effect. The Mad Max also gets new front Upside Down Forks from Husqvarna 450 TE dirtbike. The tyres have been updated and the rims have been customised for improved sturdiness. The whole project costed around Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

Rally Spec

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is quite a capable bike. This modification job makes the Himalayan rally ready. The bike gets a new semi-fairing at the front. The fairing ensures that the rider does not face the wind blasts directly. Apart from that, a new windscreen has been added along with new sleek panniers for carrying tools. The bike also gets a power bump but the details are not available. Nonetheless, visually, this Himalayan looks quite attractive.

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