5 hatchbacks that have the best resale value across the country

The resale value of a car is a major determinant in deciding which car you will buy and this becomes even more important if you are buying a hatchback that’s likely to be your first car. So among hatchbacks, which cars have the best resale value? Let’s find out!

When you are buying your first car as a hatchback, after a few years, you will naturally want to upgrade to a bigger or better car. At that point, you would want to get a good price for your existing car so that it can fund a good chunk of your next buy.

alto swift photo
Photo: The Alto and Swift are stalwarts when it comes to high resale value

So which are the best options among hatchbacks? No prizes for guessing this one right: the car that sells the best retains it value the most. Alto is the best-selling model in the world.

The new one costs roughly Rs 3.12 lakh on road in Delhi. At the same time, a three-year old Alto LXI with 30,000 km on the meter should fetch you Rs 1.99 lakh in the used car market.

That means the Alto loses only Rs 1.13 lakh or about 36 percent of its value in three years. That’s very good by any standards.

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The next two spots too are held by the Swift LXI and LDI. Again, not a surprise since Swift is the best-selling premium hatchback (Rs. 4-7 lakh) in the country.

i10 i20 santro photo
Photo: The Santro, i10 and i20 are all in high demand in the second-hand car market

The new one costs roughly Rs 4.65 lakh on road in Delhi. A three-year old Swift LXI with 30,000 km on the meter should fetch you Rs 2.87 lakh in the used car market.  That’s a depreciation of just 38 percent.

Similarly, Swift LDI will get you Rs 3.60 lakh while the new one will cost Rs 5.83 lakh. That too is a depreciation of 38 percent.

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Hyundai’s three best-sellers—i20, Santro and i10—take up the next three spots with only fractions separating them from Maruti and each other.

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Others such as the Fabia, Spark and Indica Vista lose quite a bit of their value. The latter two lose close to 50 percent of their value in 3 years. Some cars such as the Eon, Pulse are too new for us to know their resale value. But we will keep a track of these as well.

But resale value is one thing and finding a buyer is another—ask any Fiat Palio owner. Have you sold a car recently? Which one? How easy or difficult was it to find a buyer?

* Values of cars are approximate prices in Delhi.