5 HOT, upcoming Hyundai cars & SUVs for India

Hyundai, the second largest carmaker in India has a few exciting launches lined up. The South-Korean company recently launched the new Hyundai Verna, and here are five more cars that the company will launch shortly. Let’s take a look.

Hyundai Creta facelift

5 HOT, upcoming Hyundai cars & SUVs for India

The Creta has remained one of the top-selling cars in India since its launch. Hyundai will soon update the vehicle to keep it fresh in the market. The Creta will get minor updates to the exterior with a new grille and slightly redesigned headlamps. The scuff plates are also altered to give a fresh feel to the vehicle.

The 2017 Creta looks more masculine with lesser chrome, but we are not sure if the Indian version will be similar to the Brazilian model. While the current model is quite loaded with features, the new model will get additions like cornering lights, stability control, TPMS and more. The engine will remain the same. There will be 1.6-litre and 1.4-litre engine options with both petrol and diesel models.

Hyundai Kona Electric

5 HOT, upcoming Hyundai cars & SUVs for India

Sometime back, Hyundai revealed plans to go hybrid with the Ioniq in India. However, those plans went south when the government decided to tax hybrids in the same category as luxury cars and decided to remove the subsidy. Since the theme is to go electric, the company will introduce an electric version of the Kona SUV in India, as early as end 2018. This will be the first electric car from Hyundai in India. It will have a range of 384 kms and its official launch will take place at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in 2018.

Hyundai Carlino

5 HOT, upcoming Hyundai cars & SUVs for India

Hyundai has gained a significant share of the market with the Creta, but the brand still does not offer a sub 4-metre SUV yet. To make an impact on the sub 4-meter SUV segment, will launch a new compact SUV, based on the Carlino concept they showed at the Auto Expo in 2016.

Hyundai is planning to put 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine in the SUV. The other engine options may include 1.4-litre petrol and diesel engines available with the Hyundai Creta. The company has revealed that the new vehicle will come some time in 2019 only.

Hyundai i20 facelift

5 HOT, upcoming Hyundai cars & SUVs for India

Hyundai is working on the facelift i20, and the test mules of the vehicle have been already spotted in India. The new i20 will share the external design with all-new Verna except for the boot. The car may come with 16-inch alloy wheels and all new interiors with touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new car will retain the engine options from the current model. There will be a 1.4-litre diesel engine while there will be 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre petrol engine options. The all-new i20 will launch in 2018.

Hyundai next-gen Santro

5 HOT, upcoming Hyundai cars & SUVs for India

The new hatchback will be placed between Eon and Grand i10 and will replace the ageing i10. The new hatchback will be inspired by the ix-Metro concept vehicle and will feature the tall boy design.

The new car would be powered by the 1.0-litre petrol engine from the Eon that produces a maximum of 68.5 Bhp – 94 Nm. Hyundai may also plonk a 1.2-litre petrol engine that produces a maximum of 82 Bhp and 116 Nm of torque. The Santro will makes its Indian comeback in the second half of 2018, as confirmed by the company. One thing though is not clear if the company will name it the Santro or not.

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