5 hottest home-made Indian motorcycles with ‘car-engines’!

India’s automobile market may not be as matured as some foreign markets but there are a plenty of enthusiasts in the country. We have seen some dramatic modifications of cars and bikes in India before and it just becomes better. A few Indians have modified their motorcycles to power them by car engines! Yes, you read it right. Here are five such ‘home-made’ motorcycles that are powered by car engines in India. By ‘home-made’, we mean without any big manufacturer’s support. That makes these efforts even more incredible.

16 Moto Performance

This modification house from Chennai has done an excellent job of installing a car’s engine in the bike. The bike gets a customised chassis and fuel tank. The engine comes from Maruti 800 and it has been covered inside a custom case so no moving parts are exposed.

The finished product looks quite good. The exposed chassis has been painted in red adding a sporty look to the bike. It gets a single-seat and wide handlebar for the cruiser-inspired look. There are disc brakes at front and rear and the core fo the discs have been painted in red. The front gets upside down forks while the rear gets twin gas charged suspension. According to the modification house, it takes Rs. 5.5 lakh to build the bike, which is quite cheaper than litre-class motorcycles.

Maruti M800

This is another modification job done by the 16 Moto Performance and it looks like a scrambler styled motorcycle. The video shows the modder talking about the bike and describes the motorcycle and its features. The bike took as many as three years to be built completely. Everything is sourced from India except for the tyres. The frame is custom made and the engine is from Maruti 800. The alloy wheels are of Accord and parts from KTM 390 Duke has been used on the bike too.

The clutch is high and it took a few tries to fix it right. It an auto clutch but slightly set-up in a different way. The sprockets are customised and the chain is from Royal Enfield Bullet. The motorcycle weighs between 250 and 300 kilos and the tank is of 13-litres. The bike can reach more than 140 km/h. Vijay, the modder plans to make an airconditioned bike in the future

Mitsubishi Uplander

This is another Maruti 800, three-cylinder engine powered motorcycle called the Uplander. The bike is built on the Royal Enfield Classic chassis and few parts like the headlamp, fenders, shock absorbers are retained. To make the space for the bigger engine, a custom tank has been used. The bike looks brutal but has a lot of exposed engine parts.

The rear wheel is shaft driven and the tyre itself is of a car’s. The front tyre gets disc brakes but the whole set-up retains a lot of parts from the original motorcycle too.

Royal Enfield Classic 500

Here is another RE Classic 500 based modification from India. The bike gets a very cruiser inspired styling and gets customised fuel tank with graphics on it. The bike gets Maruti 800 engine with the crankcase of original Royal Enfield engine. The bike gets dual disc set-up on the front wheel and a single disc set-up on the rear wheel. It looks quite good and sounds like a proper American cruiser too.


This a motorcycle built by 20-year old, Ruzbeh from Gujarat. The bike is one of its kind and gets AWD system. It is powered by the Maruti 800’s 796cc engine that transfers the power to the front and rear wheel through dual propeller shafts. It gets 4-speed transmission too.

The Hammerhead gets a hub-steering system which is hidden inside the covers. The bike also gets a surround sound music system that can get connected to a smartphone. This unique bike has made it into the Indian Book of Records.

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