5 insanely modified Fortuners from India

The Toyota Fortuner is the highest selling luxury SUV in the country. It has managed to sell an average of more than 1000 units a month since it was introduced. The Fortuner brand name symbolises power. Since the vehicle is so popular, there are many modified ones in the country that are pretty nicely done. Here are 5 such vehicles:


5 insanely modified Fortuners from India

AYAS Customs started off as a shop that dealth with custom bikes and has now graduated to larger vehicles as well. They came up with this different looking Fortuner for their client. Yes, this one certainly stands out the way it looks from the front atleast. It has a new front bumper, new grill, new headlamps with an additional DRL strip, a reworked bonnet, wider fenders, new rear bumper and a new side step.

If you thought the mods were only on the outside, you thought wrong. AYAS has come up with a custom lounge type interior treatment with led, reclining seats, cup holders, a small refrigerator and an extendable work station for your laptop if you fancy working while on the move. The whole setup costed roughly Rs 13.5 lakhs.

5 insanely modified Fortuners from India 5 insanely modified Fortuners from India 5 insanely modified Fortuners from India

DC Design

5 insanely modified Fortuners from India

DC is an established brand when it comes to building custom lounges. Their Innova lounge is very common and so is the Fortuner lounge. The Fortuner has gotten an external and internal make over. On the outside, the SUV looks completely redone as opposed to the normal Fortuner.

5 insanely modified Fortuners from India

On the inside is where this one has been majorly done up. So the two row seating has been replaced by a single row housing two bucket seats that have reclining capability and TV screens up front. If you are looking for the ultimate rear seat cruiser, this one is your answer.


5 insanely modified Fortuners from India

This Fortuner here is the first one that has been given a limo treatment. On the outside, there is not much change, save for the extended wheelbase. There are a few tweaks though. The bumpers at the front and rear are new. The front end also receives projector headlamps with LED DRLs, a new grille, a massive hood scoop, butch body cladding and modified wheel arches. At the rear, reflector strips line the tail gate while the tail lamps get the LED treatment.

5 insanely modified Fortuners from India

On the inside, in true limousine style, the Fortuner is the lap of luxury. Two sets of leather-clad captain seats, facing each other have been fitted in the cabin. These seats come with extensive electric adjustment options, making them quite versatile.

5 insanely modified Fortuners from India

The driver’s cabin has been partitioned from that of the passengers’, and features an LCD screen for entertainment. Other features in the passenger cabin include storage compartments, a car phone, air conditioning vents, a USB port and a cigarette lighter.


The main motive behind this transformation was that the owner wanted to have a capable vehicle off-road which needed to be as raw as possible.

5 insanely modified Fortuners from India

The vehicle, though outlandish to look at fufills the owner’s need well. He has removed the front bumper to make the car easier to climb over steep things. The front grill and headlamps have been covered by a metallic mesh to protect them.

That has been done to make sure there is no damage on to the radiator at the time of severe off-roading. The mesh also allows the stock radiator to function without any hiccup. The side step has also been removed to help the off-roading capabilities. There is a snorkel on it as well.

The reason for this build was to have a go-anywhere camper van as the owner enjoys the outdoors a lot. The roof features a tent system which can be used for camping. There are cylindrical water tanks present as well. There is a ladder on the passenger side that helps you climb up.

At the back of the vehicle, you will see a scooter mounted. The reason behind that is when the owner goes off-roading, he likes to take his scooter along to travel short distances off-road on it while he is camping. It is a 2 stroke Kinetic Honda which has been stripped down. This has been done to reduce weight and to make sure that there are lesser things that can go wrong in the vehicle. Under the hood, there have been no changes what so ever. The trusty and dependable 3.0 liter D-4D engine has covered over 1.5 lakh kms. The engine has run more than 30,000 kms after these modifications and the owner has faced no issue till now.

He is now working on improving the interiors of the car. He also wants to add a fully functional chemical toilet in the car so that he doesn’t have to face issues on his trips into the wilderness. We wish him luck for his upcoming adventures.


This Fortuner here has been given a loud makeover. It has been finished in a matt green shade which is pretty unique for such a vehicle. In addition to this, the vehicle has been kitted out for off-roading. There is an aftermarket suspension which has lifted the vehicle to improve ground clearance. There is also an off-road bumper which has been installed with the provision of auxiliary lights. To finish off, the vehicle sits on large off-road tyres and also has a snorket to improve fording depth.