5 irritating car accessories

There are car accessories. Then there are irritating car accessories.  These can even be hazardous to other traffic on the road. Today, we take a look at 5 super irritating car accessories.

Shrill air horns

Air Horns


Air horns are good for trains, no so much for cars. Air horns hurt the ears due to their high decibel outputs and the ones that are shrill also shock/stun fellow motorists. Now, that’s not a good situation to have, and the resultant shock after hearing a shrill horn in close proximity can cause fellow motorists to make mistakes. Mistakes on the road = accidents, or worse, loss to life and limb.

LED light bars/Auxiliary lights and HIDs

In the daylight, these lights may be fine. But at night, they could be fatal.
In the daylight, these lights may be fine. But at night, they could prove fatal.

Stock headlamps are usually adequate on well lit road. High beams suffice on the highways. Auxiliary lamps can be used on the highways if the stock headlamps are inadequate. However, there are a bunch of people who want night to be day, at least as far as their car’s lighting goes. So, they get themselves an array of LED light bars, auxiliary lights and HIDs, enough to blind even oncoming trucks. This is downright dangerous, not to mention extremely irritating for fellow road users.

Reversing and braking alarms

Reverse horn illustration

Imagine listening to “Dhoom Machale” or some other obnoxious movie track, played out by poor quality speakers, 10 times a day? Well, that’s most most “musical” reversing alarms do. Simple beepers as alarms serve the purpose adequately though. ` Bike owners have their own way of irritating fellow motorists by having the same alarm for brakes. Whenever a motorcycle/scooter equipped with braking alarms brakes, you have a tune being belted out.

LED strobe lights

Strobe Lights

LED strobe lights flashing red are great on F1 cars and aircraft but on road going cars, they simply irritate the eyes of the motorists behind. Imagine if every car and two wheeler has LED strobe lights emitting bright red, blues and yellow colours. Yes, the nights would look more colourful but driving/riding would become a royal pain. These strobe lights are best suited to traffic that is easily overlooked. Yes, we’re talking about bicycles. For everyone else, the stock tail lamps will do.

Extra loud exhausts

Extra Loud Exhaust

Imaging having to hear a very loud car/motorcycle exhaust many times a day. That’s pure noise pollution. Having a sporty sounding exhaust on a car is one thing, and having an exhaust that’s obnoxiously loud is another. The latter isn’t just illegal, but also extremely irritating. Yet, from autorickshaws to cars and motorcycles, extra loud exhausts continue to add to the din of the already chaotic Indian roads.

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