5 kinds of Tata Nexon SUVs for 5 types of people

The Tata Nexon SUV has been a runaway success for the brand. In recent times, the first ever sub-4-meter SUV from Tata overtook the very popular EcoSport on the sales chart. Here are five types of Tata Nexon that are available in the market, and five kinds of people who should buy them.

For people on a tight budget –  Petrol manual

5 kinds of Tata Nexon SUVs for 5 types of people

Tata Nexon looks quite unorthodox and catches a lot of eyes on the road. The car has a big fan following but there is a group that criticises the design of the vehicle too. The people who love the way it looks but are on a tight budget should go for the petrol manual. It is available in all the trim levels and as expected is the cheapest engine-transmission combination in all the available variants.

City dwellers – Petrol automatic

5 kinds of Tata Nexon SUVs for 5 types of people

The Tata Nexon became the first car in the segment to offer a petrol AMT in India. While the EcoSport also offers petrol automatic variant, the Nexon AMT is much more affordable due to the simplified transmission set-up. For the people who are looking for a car that can tirelessly do the running around in the city traffic without tiring the driver should go for the petrol AMT automatic. The six-speed AMT automatic of the Nexon along with the crawl mode works quite well in the heavily crowded city roads.

People looking for a powerful yet fuel efficient highway SUV – Diesel manual

5 kinds of Tata Nexon SUVs for 5 types of people

The Nexon is also offered with the 1.5-litre diesel engine that churns out a maximum of 108 Bhp and 170 Nm. Just like the petrol engine, the diesel versions of the Nexon also gets the 6-speed transmission. People who are looking for a highway car should get the diesel manual. There is no lag in the manual transmission that allows the driver to downshift quickly during an overtaking manoeuvre. Also, the diesel engine returns a maximum of 23.97 km/l, which is quite good for the long-distance runs.

Looking for a fuel-efficient automatic? Diesel automatic

5 kinds of Tata Nexon SUVs for 5 types of people

Tata also offers the AMT automatic transmission with the diesel-powered Nexon. It is the same 6-speed transmission that has gone clutchless with the AMT technology. As AMT transmission is quite similar to the manual set-up, there is no change in fuel efficiency. The Nexon diesel automatic is for the people who are looking at the convenience but without giving up the fuel economy. The diesel automatic variant of the Nexon returns the same 23.97 km/l just like the diesel manual version of the car.

People who want to stand out in the crowd – KRAZ edition

5 kinds of Tata Nexon SUVs for 5 types of people

If you’re the one who wants to stand out from the crowd, the Tata Nexon KRAZ edition is the variant you should go for. The neon painted ORVMs and a trace of them on the alloy wheels and the grille with the overall black paint makes the Tata Nexon KRAZ a head-turner. It looks very trendy and will grab a lot of attention on the road. The KRAZ edition is only available with the manual transmission. However, you can choose between the petrol and the diesel engine options in the variant.

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