5 KTM motorcycle crashes: Blame the powerful bike or human error? We explain!

KTM motorcycles have gained massive popularity in India due to its raw power, value for money and good looks. The bikes have become the first choice of many young enthusiasts in the market. But there is a problem. KTM bikes are quite powerful and get involved in a lot of accidents. People mostly blame the KTM bikes for being too powerful as the cause of accidents. Is that so? Let’s find out.

Skid crash

Seen here is a KTM 200 Duke ridden at a high speed through the crowded streets of Kochi. The rider is seen on an undivided road speeding down. The incident caught on the CCTV shows that another biker on the road stopping and taking a U-Turn without noticing the KTM coming from the other side.

On seeing the bikers taking U-Turn, the KTM rider target-fixes the bikes and then apply the brakes in panic. Due to hard braking, the rear tyre of the bike skids and becomes unbalanced to hit the bikers. Sadly, the KTM 200 Duke does not get the ABS even as an optional feature. Target fixation is a common phenomenon where the rider freezes and goes towards the object.

Wrong overtaking

This is a classic example of overtaking going wrong and why you should always overtake from the right-hand-side of a vehicle. This KTM 200 Duke rider can be seen recording a video from a camera mounted on his helmet or the body. The rider, who is riding above 60 km/h enters a section of road, which becomes single lane from a divided road.

All the vehicles can be seen getting after each other to go through the single-lane road but the KTM 200 Duke rider is still trying to overtake from the left-hand-side of a good carrier. The good carrier did not or could not see the KTM 200 in the rearview mirror and continues to steer left while the biker is overtaking and finally crashes into the bike.

Town road pedestrian accident

This KTM video from Kerala shows the dangers of going at a high-speed on a blind corner, especially in a city. The KTM rider can be seen taking the corner at a very high speed when a pedestrian, who could also not see the bike started crossing the road. In the process, both of them collided with each other. The KTM rider was again on 200 Duke, which does not get ABS. The rider could not move away from the pedestrian as he saw him at the last moment and crashes straight into him.

Law-breaker cars in the wrong lane

Undivided roads are extremely dangerous for overtaking and here is yet another video that proves it. The video is taken from the helmet camera of a KTM rider. The KTM rider can be seen overtaking at a circular junction in Delhi. As the rider passes the person who is taking the video, he crashes with a car that is coming in the opposite lane. As it is an undivided road, cars often overtake by slipping into the other side. That is what happened here. It is best not to overtake on the undivided roads as it gives less time to react and more chances of getting into an accident.

Pedestrian on highway accident

This infamous incident from Chickkaballapur near Bangalore affected several other high-end bikes. A KTM rider going through a populated highway hit an 11-year-old girl. The girl reportedly came in front the rider and he was at a high speed. Both of them collided and the girl suffered a few injuries. The villagers then blocked the highway and the started picking on the bikers on the road.

Who should you blame here?

The bikes? Well, that’s like saying that a machine has its own brain and it is trying to kill you. The KTM bikes are powerful but so are many other bikes and many much more powerful than the KTMs. The bikes themselves will not go out of control, they are one of the finest machines in the world. It is the rider, who is in the command centre and the motorcycle is just following the orders. One needs to learn how to control powerful motorcycles before going all-out on them.

Sadly in India, professional motorcycle training is not very widely available and the few which are available are quite expensive. KTM motorcycles have become more accessible due to the price tag. It is important to properly learn how to handle the power before graduating to the KTMs or in fact, any other powerful bikes. It is of utter importance to understand that one needs to control the thoughts when on powerful bikes. Indian roads are not very predictable and surprises can sprout from any corner of the road. If one if well trained and is following proper rules, many such accidents can be avoided easily.

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