5 mean & menacing MODIFIED Isuzu V-Cross pick-up trucks of India

5 mean & menacing MODIFIED Isuzu V-Cross pick-up trucks of India

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross lifestyle pick-up truck has a lot of fans in India due to its intimidating looks and excellent performance. The menacing looks of the V-Cross make sure that it gets a second look on the road. And the 5 modified examples here take menace to an all-new level.

White menace

The white coloured V-Cross seen here has been transformed into a menacing looking vehicle. The SUV gets a Safari snorkel to go deep in water. The bonnet lid has been painted in black while two Lightforce auxiliary lamps sit on the grille of the vehicle.

The V-Cross also gets Thule aero wing bars and bike carrier. The rims have been upgraded to new 18-inch Lenso Max and they are now wrapped in 275/65 tyres from Yokohama. It also gets Carryboy hood fender and LED light bar.

XS Overland

The V-Cross seen here gets 33-inch Cooper ST all-terrain tyres with a 1.5-inch lift kit. It changes the whole stance of the vehicle and makes it quite aggressive to look at. The fenders have been modified to accommodate the larger tyres. The front bumper has been replaced with a new off-road spec bumper from Ironman and a bull guard has been added. It also gets a snorkel

The V-Cross also gets ARB differential lockers, rock sliders, under-body protection and an off-road bumper at the rear. Other equipment like spotting lamps, spare tyre and traction board have been mounted on the roof.

Monster truck

This is the monster truck edition of the V-Cross and it gets some great additions. There are 23 overall changes in the vehicle including 6-inch high lift kit that makes it tower on the other vehicles on the road. The V-Cross also gets a custom shock absorber system, custom side steps, a snorkel, custom front and rear bumpers with the winch installed at the front.

Additionally, there are headlamp and tail lamp covers with door and bonnet visors. A roll bar and a rear rack tray have also been added to increase the space. The whole kit costs around Rs. 6 lakh and has been done by Azad 4X4.

IDE V-Cross

This example has been done by IDE Autoworks. This one looks a bit different because of the custom vinyl job it gets. The pickup gets a 6-inch custom lift that gives it a massive ground clearance. It now sits on 16-inch Lenso rims with 305/70 profile Maxxis tyres. This V-Cross has been re-tuned too and it now produces a maximum of 170 Bhp of maximum power. It also gets a rear roll bar and a snorkel.

Expedition ready

This V-Cross can get out on expeditions unannounced. The job is done by XS Overland and it gets auxiliary lamps mounted on the bullbar and a LED bar mounted on the roof-top for extra luminance in darker conditions. The car also gets a roof carrier with an inbuilt tent that can be opened to fit four people. It also has an open tent. There are jerry cans to fill up the beast during longer expeditions.

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