5 modern features every Royal Enfield needs NOW!

Royal Enfield (RE) is a legendary brand in the Indian market. The brand has been around for more than a century now. While RE has a cult following in India, their products are yet to pick up with the modern times. Even though the company is crawling towards modernity, there are few things that the company needs to adapt instantly to be at par with the other modern motorcycles in the market. Here are five things that Royal Enfield needs to resolve soon to be called modern. While many characteristics of Royal Enfield make them what they are, few small issues can be addressed without changing the characteristics of the motorcycle.

A proper fuel injection system

5 modern features every Royal Enfield needs NOW!

Royal Enfield offers Classic 500 and the Continental GT with the fuel injection, but the system is half-baked. The engines of Classic 500 and Continental GT get an open loop fuel injection system that functions without any feedback from the atmosphere. The system misses out on oxygen sensor that in turn controls the air and fuel mixture in the engine. During normal atmospheric pressure where the oxygen supply is abundant, the open loop fuel injection system works well to make the engine smoother and makes the motorcycle much more fuel efficient.

The absence of the O2 sensor kicks in during the climate change or altitude changes. As the FI system cannot detect the variations in the oxygen, it keeps on delivering pre-set amount of the fuel to the engine. Due to lack of air, the engine does not burn the fuel completely, causing power loss and engine knocking. An O2 sensor is an absolute necessity in the modern RE motorcycles.

Tubeless tyres

5 modern features every Royal Enfield needs NOW!

All the Royal Enfield motorcycles come with spoked rims. While the spoke rims make the motorcycle sturdier and give additional cushion on the rough roads, they do not support tubeless tyres. Tubeless tyres have become a need in the modern world. Most Royal Enfield customers use their motorcycles for long distance touring and to extreme conditions. Tube-type tyres are more susceptible to punctures than the tubeless tyres.

Also, the tube-type tyres lose the pressure very quickly and that can turn out to be very dangerous during high-speed runs. Tubeless tyres can be repaired easily without taking the wheel off, while mending a puncture on a tube type tyre is a painful task. The tubeless tyres also run much cooler than the tube-type tyres because of no friction between tube and the tyre. If RE wants a modern tag against its name, tubeless tyres are a must.

Boosted power through lower frictional losses

5 modern features every Royal Enfield needs NOW!

Royal Enfield motorcycles face massive power loss when the power is transferred from the crank to the wheel. There is a huge difference between the power generated at the crank of the motorcycle and the wheel horsepower (WHP). Now this happens because the heavy parts of the RE bikes create a lot of friction.

In addition to that, all the Royal Enfield motorcycles use a high number of metal parts that make it heavier and the engine has to go under a lot of stress to overcome the rolling resistance. Royal Enfield should work to improve the losses to the friction and create more efficient engines. While most modern motorcycles suffer a power loss of 10-12% from crank to wheel, the Royal Enfield motorcycles face power loss of up to 33%, which is huge.

Fuel indicator should be standard across all the motorcycles

5 modern features every Royal Enfield needs NOW!

The Classic models of the Royal Enfield do not come with the fuel gauge. Long-distance travellers mostly use the bike, and the absence of the fuel gauge is a huge loss. The Classic 500 only comes with a low-fuel indicator instead of a fuel gauge, which makes the motorcycle highly unpredictable during the long journeys. To make the rider less nervous during the journey to the unknown and add more convenience, a fuel gauge is a must to make Royal Enfield modern.

ABS with rear disc

5 modern features every Royal Enfield needs NOW!

Rear disc brake along with ABS is the ultimate safety equipment in motorcycles. Royal Enfield recently launched the Classic 500, Standard 500 and the Himalayan with ABS in the UK market. ABS decrease the braking distance substantially and also helps the motorcycle rider to maintain balance on slippery surfaces.

Rear disc brakes are much more efficient that the drum brakes when it comes to stopping power and recovery time. Royal Enfields are heavy motorcycles, and it is difficult to bring them to a halt, disc brakes with ABS will change the equation to an another level. Now that international market has received the ABS and disc brakes, Royal Enfield, please make the Indian motorcycles modern too by adding these features soon.

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